How to optimise your social media channels for sales

Social media platforms have been constantly evolving since their inception, with new technology, updates and needs from users and brands. These features have become particularly important for brands looking to sell their goods and services online, allowing the ability to reach customers like never before.

Optimising your social media channels for product sales is absolutely vital, but where do you start? Here are our top three tips.

#1: Set up your Instagram Shop

One of the most popular social media sales channels is the Instagram Shop, and when you consider that more than 500 million Instagram users use the platform daily and 50% of them follow at least one business, it is an imperative part of any brand’s social media strategy.

An Instagram Shop lets you integrate your product catalogue with your Instagram profile. In turn, this allows you to promote your products directly to Instagram users through posts, Stories, the Explore section, and in a special Shop tab on your profile. By using the Instagram Shop, you can also tag up to five products into a single image, ensuring maximum exposure. Each tag features important details about the product, whether it’s the name, description or price, so this handy feature instantly tells the user everything they need to know, before offering a link to your website so that they can purchase the item immediately.

#2: Make sure your Facebook pixel is installed properly

By implementing the Facebook pixel into your website, you can collect data to help you track conversions from your Facebook ads. This way, you’ll be able to more accurately understand which of your targeted audiences are working best for you, while also helping you collect a pool of individuals who may have shown an interest in your product but not physically purchased. Remarketing is a great way to mop up any conversions that didn’t happen the first time a potential customer visited your website, helping to drive up purchases.

#3 Use the power of influence

Influencers are often able to sway their followers into considering or purchasing your products and working with the right ones will mean an ongoing stream of content for your feed. However, finding the right influencer for you and your brand can be challenging, as a large following won’t always lead to more purchases. That’s why working with our team of experts with existing influencer relationships can make all the difference when it comes to seeing ROI in this area! Check out our work with fashion brand Kaleidoscope, to see what we were able to deliver for them on a purely gifted basis.

If you would like any advice, or a more in-depth conversation on how we can optimise your social media channels for sales using these methods and more, get in touch with us here today.

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