How to market your fashion brand post-lockdown

Experts have estimated that consumers catapulted five years ahead in the adoption of digital in just eight weeks at the beginning of the pandemic, and those who didn’t shop online for their latest fashion fix already were suddenly forced to consider this, due to retail closures across the country.

This shift in behaviour is likely to stick, as online shopping is more convenient, can be more efficient and is safer for those who prefer to shop with reduced contact. As a result, fashion brands have been forced to reevaluate their online presence to ensure they are creating the best digital store front to attract and engage customers.

However, now that the high-street is beginning to re-open, what should fashion brands consider when marketing themselves post-lockdown to achieve success?

1. Start from the very beginning
So much has changed in the last year, from the way brands have had to operate and market their companies, to consumer’s shifting their habits. The fashion and retail industry has been hugely affected and your marketing strategy needs to adapt to keep up with the changing times.

Go back to basics and monitor your competitor’s strategies and customer behaviours, it’s likely they would have shifted at least a little since the start of the pandemic. From here, you can develop a comprehensive marketing plan that won’t leave you behind in the vastly evolving climate.

2. Stand out from the crowd
You won’t be the only brand who are reassessing their marketing strategy which is why the fight for consumer attention will be tough in the post-lockdown world. Brands will need to figure out their USP and what their audience will most engage with. Consumers are seeking a brand that stands for more than the items they make, so consider your brand values as much as your produce.

3. Get creative when engaging with media
Once you’ve developed a deep understanding of your audience and have a clear vision of your brand values, engaging with the right media will be instrumental when looking to communicate with customers. If there’s one thing we can predict – it’s that these times are unpredictable, which is why you’ll need to be adaptable and get creative when engaging with media.

Virtual events can be an effective way to inform media about your latest collaboration or launch and help build brand awareness. However, it’s important to be aware of Zoom fatigue! You’ll need to find a fun and appealing way to communicate your news in a virtual setting in order to entice your guests.

4. Refine your influencer strategy
As people are spending more time on their phones and buying more of their clothes online so considering an influencer marketing strategy is a no-brainer for fashion brands. Make sure you have clear objectives around what you would like to achieve with your influencer partnerships so you can create impactful content. It’s important to develop an influencer strategy that speaks your audience in an authentic way so it’s more engaging and delivers the best results.

5. Tell your audience
Once you’ve revised your marketing strategy and understand your core values and objectives, it’s time to shout about it! Fashion brands will need a comprehensive marketing & PR strategy that engages with their current and potential audiences across all media and online channels.
For fashion brands the most effective way to do this is through product placement within the most coveted fashion pages, positioning your brand as an industry expert through thought leadership and a comprehensive influencer strategy that produces inspirational content.

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