How to make your fashion brand stand out

Much like the trends it sets, fashion is a constantly evolving industry. In the wake of the pandemic, consumer attitudes towards fashion and retail have completely shifted and it is more important than ever for brands to set themselves apart to ensure their continued success in this changing market.

Over the past year we have seen fashion brands operating completely digitally, from relying solely on eCommerce for sales through to utilising the power of influencers and virtual events in place of in-person launches and catwalk shows. Brands who have adapted well have been able to elevate popularity and drive sales however many have struggled and had challenges reaching their target audiences.

Now, in the UK, our high streets are beginning to reopen and fashion brands will need to think strategically to ensure they have a comprehensive marketing plan that will set them apart in this ever-evolving climate.

Here, we have outlined what fashion brands should consider in order to stand out:

Find your identity
As many brands will have had to adapt over the past year, now is the time to reassess your brand identity and ensure what makes your brand stand out is being communicated authentically with your customer base. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve with this brand and does your current identity align with your objectives. In order to gain maximum exposure to your customers, you will need to have a crystal-clear vision of your brand identity. PR agencies can help with this process, even before a media relations strategy begins. The creation of messaging houses and tone of voice documents are common practice at the start of any campaign.

Understand your customer
It might sound obvious, but having in-depth insight on your customer base will allow you to effectively target the correct audience and provide offerings that are more relevant for them. Do your customers value sustainability? Are they seeking a strong online community to join? Are they interested in good value or quality fabrics and production? Once you have a clear idea of what your customer values, you can create a PR & marketing strategy that communicates messages that will resonate with them via the channels that they are consuming.

Have a story to tell
Once you have established your brand identity and developed deep insight into your target customer, it is important to ensure your brand story sets you apart from your rivals who are also competing for your audience’s attention. Communicating your brand’s story is an effective way to grow a loyal and engaged customer base. As consumers increasingly become more interested in a brand’s values, and not just the items they produce, PR and Social Media can give you the means to communicate what your brand stands for in a way that aligns with your target audience.

Engage with the right media and influencers
As mentioned above, understanding your customer and having a story to tell is key when you want to communicate with them through media and influencers. Once you have established what they are looking for, it’s time to deliver this through the channels that they are consuming. Working with a PR Agency can provide you with the insight you need regarding which publications your target consumer is reading. Once you have identified what your audience is consuming, it is important that your agency also has the creativity and contacts to get your brand and its story featured in these titles.

As well as traditional media relations, an influencer strategy should also be something that all fashion brands consider. Do your customers engage with influencers? Which influencers will you engage with, why and what will they do? It is important to set clear objectives before approaching influencers in order to have a clear picture of your goals and what you are hoping to achieve. As influencer marketing continues to grow, consumers are becoming savvier and are less likely to engage with inauthentic collaborations and oddly placed content.

You can read more here about the influencer marketing campaign we delivered for fashion brand Kaleidoscope, working with specific influencers on a no-fee basis to help them reach a niche target audience.

Create an event
Although they have changed considerably in the past year, events (virtual or in-person) can be a fantastic way to engage with media and influencers. You can get creative with this and create a buzz around your fashion brand in a setting that you design. Allowing media and influencers to have an immersive brand experience will lead to stronger brand loyalty and a deeper relationship with your brand.

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