Fitness brands to watch out for

In the sport and fitness world, there are so many apparel brands you can choose from it can be difficult to distinguish which product or latest gadget is the best for you. Knowing what brands to trust and buy from can be a tricky procedure, the fitness market has become heavily saturated with brands vying for the top spot. With some focusing on ‘fast fashion’ flooding the market with cheaper alternatives, how is the consumer supposed to know who to buy from and what is truly the best product on the market?

We’ve created some fitness categories and chosen some of our top brands who fill that criteria to make the selection process easier.

Running Shoes

Brooks Running

Known for their consistency in manufacturing high-performance running shoes, clothing and accessories for both men and women. Back in 2011, Brooks reached the number one selling brand in the bespoke running shoe category where they held 25% of the market share.

Away from their high-performance apparel, Brooks are also known for their ability to find a trainer which is as unique as your running style. Simply answer a series of questions on their Brooks’ Shoe Finder on their website and the system will deliver the perfect pair of trainers for you.

Brooks also offers a 90-day trial ‘run’ where you can put their gear through its paces and sweat in as much as you like, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return it for free!



The Original Mountain Marathon or ‘OMM’ as it’s known is the rebranded version of The Karrimor, which entails a two-day mountain event held in a different region across the UK every year. This year it’s being held in coastal Scotland in late October.

Apart from organising extreme mountaineering marathon events around the globe, OMM also create bespoke clothing apparel, sleeping systems and a large array of packs.

Fitness and leisurewear

Iffley Road

Offering men’s sportswear not only for running but also for fitness and living too. Iffley Road have taken the unique approach of combining sport, performance and style and made it into one of the top premium British clothing brands around.

Iffley Road was born and given its name due to co-founders Claire Kent and Bill Byrne being so inspired by Roger Bannister’s feat in 1954 of running the first sub-four-minute mile.

 Functional Sportswear


Founded in Oslo, Norway in 1946, Odlo has become the market leader and pioneer in functional sportswear, offering a range of attire for all sports ranging from hiking and running to even cross-country skiing if you fancy trying something new this year!

Their extensive range of zero-weight products on offer should be of interest for athletes who require something that will protect against the wind and weather whilst also remaining well ventilated and highly breathable.

Endurance apparel


Meet the brand who push the limits of mountain clothing, their focus has always been on creating lightweight, innovative and breathable clothing so when you’re exerting yourself in extreme environments you remain comfortable.

From heat-trapping fleeces to an endurance jacket with a fully adjustable roll-away climbing hood, Montane is the brand to check out before your next outdoor adventure begins!

For the past 25 years, Montane have been working closely with professional mountain climbers who work in tough conditions all around the globe to test out and perfect their products, making sure to put the consumer at the heart of everything they do.

Montane was born in 1993 after founding directors Chris Roff and Jake Doxat met on a 3-month expedition to southern Chile in 1989, ever since its inception the brand has gone from strength to strength with award-winning clothing ranges such as the Prism.

At PHA we work with a host of sport and fitness apparel brands. Our award-winning team has extensive experience launching products to market or simply raising the profile of a long-standing innovative brand in the UK media. Speak to our team today to find out how we could help you achieve your goals long term.

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