CES: The HealthTech speakers to watch

CES, established 50 years ago in the US, has been a thriving annual event where the world’s biggest brands do business and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Since 1967, thousands of products have been announced at the yearly show, including many that have transformed our lives today. With COVID-19 scuppering the events plans to host in person this year CES is going live, and we’re thrilled about it!

We take a look at some of the health tech speakers that we can’t wait to dial into.

Michael Chapp, COO of Ōura Health

Speaking at “The Road to DIY Consumer Health” session, Michael Chapp will talk about how consumers now play a pivotal role in their own health outcomes. Ōura is the world’s first wellness ring, combining sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology and three decades of pioneering research. This is the first ring to measure how your body responds to your sleep, rest, and active life. Ōura’s goal is to help people build good habits and harness their body’s potential every day and Chapp is responsible for creating clear strategy and bringing it to life.

It will be very interesting to hear the challenges of launching such an interesting product and how the pandemic might have sped up the process of getting do-it-themselves products out.

Alison Darcy, Founder of Woebot health

Alison Darcy, psychologist and healthcare designer, will also be speaking at “The Road to DIY Consumer Health” session. With over 20 years’ experience building health tech, she’s on a mission to make mental healthcare solutions smart, scalable and accessible.

Darcy has created Woebot, a chat-based tool using clinically validated therapy programs that address many of today’s mental health challenges, including generalised anxiety, all different type of depressions as well as substance abuse.

Katherine Ryder, CEO of Maven Clinic

Kate will be talking about how technology can help reduce the health care disparities and bring equal care across all populations. She is the founder and CEO of Maven Clinic which offers virtual care and services across fertility, maternity, and pediatrics, and operates the largest women’s and family health telehealth network.

Kate founded Maven in 2014, reimagining healthcare for women and families from the ground up after seeing first-hand how the lack of access to care impacts those starting a family and returning to work as new parents.

Lisa Fitzpatrick, CEO Grapevine Health

Dr Lisa’s career has spanned across research, clinical medicine, global health, community health education and patient advocacy. She created Grapevine, a platform improving health literacy and patient engagement through storytelling, technology, and feet on the street.

Dr Lisa realised that most people in America didn’t understand medical terms after spending time on the street talking to people. She now creates podcasts, videos and content to help people with common health related issues. Dr Lisa will join Kate on talking about how technology can help bring equal care to populations.

We look forward to hearing from all the companies speaking during the CES conference this week. If you’ve been tuning in and would like to discuss PR, please get in touch.

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