Top employee mental health platforms in the UK

Mental health and well-being benefits are becoming a necessity for employees in the workplace. In a recent study conducted by Microsoft, it was stated that one in four employees now expects employers to provide mental health and well-being support.

Mental health and well-being is a topic of high importance for business owners, as they consider new ways to attract and retain employees, boost company morale and contribute to the overall work-life balance.

Today, we look at five mental health companies that are leading the way and providing solutions for employers to give employees.


Relatively new to the scene, Unmind is a B2B mental health platform that provides clinically-backed tools and training for employees. What was initially intended as a strategy for supporting NHS workers evolved into an idea that would help all types of companies nurture their mental health which, in turn, would boost productivity. The business’ four founders come from a range of different specialities and backgrounds and teamed up together to create a ‘whole-person approach’ to make this idea a reality.

Unmind has a goal to help employees lead a more fulfilling and balanced life by changing the way businesses think about mental health and well-being. Recently making BusinessCloud’s HealthTech Top 50, Unmind work with high-profile organisations such as Asos, British Airways, NHS and Uber.


Togetherall is a safe and online community where people can anonymously support each other to improve mental health and wellbeing. Employees can join anonymously, share, receive support from their peers and trained professionals and access other helpful tools. The platform provides an ideal place for those who don’t yet feel comfortable sharing with their colleagues or peers.

This innovative platform and Togetherall’s commitment to keeping the platform held up to the highest standards make it a leader in the sector. In addition, it uses a Guardian Council to hold it to account to ensure that everything is held up to the highest standards.


Part of Headspace Health, Headspace is an app that specialises in science-backed meditation and mindfulness for any mind, mood, or goal. ‘Headspace for Work’ is the leading mindfulness-based mental health benefit that helps employees take care of themselves. Offering employees access to hundreds of meditations and exercises for stress, focus, sleep and movement, Headspace for Work boasts some of the highest adoption rates across the industry.

Founded in 2010, Headspace started with one mission which was to improve the health and happiness of the world. Recently announcing its acquisition of mental health and wellness app Shine, Headspace is expanding its ability to provide more inclusive self-care content.


Spill is an all-in-one metal health support platform for employees. It provides resources such as therapy sessions, manager mental health training and regular feelings check ins. All of which is embedded in the company’s Slack or MS Teams. The platform uses weekly check-ins so it can provide help to those who need it.

Using the standard NHS scale for depression and anxiety, Spill has an average 9.3 out of 10 therapy session rating, 52% average reduction in anxiety and 43% average reduction in depression. Although newer to the scene, Spill has shown dominance in the sector with its innovative platform and supports over 500 progressive companies such as Depop, BornSocial and Beauty Pie.

Spectrum Life

Spectrum Life is a B2B mental health and wellness platform and app which provides tools and training to make a real difference to employees and their businesses. Using a holistic approach, the platform provides a comprehensive range of services that supports whatever needs employees may have. These services could be a mental health concierge, mental health digital tools, open-ended therapy, mental health coaching, or 24/7 mental health support.

Founded in 2018 in Dublin, Spectrum Life has proven to be a game-changing platform as employers see a 43% increase in productivity and 20 times increase in mentally healthy employees. Even though the company has not been around for that long, Spectrum Life supports over 1,500 organisations such as Tesco, Aldi and Primark.

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