Sustainable VC firms making Net Zero a reality

With close to 900 sustainable start-ups and scaleups in the UK worth a combined £50 billion the UK has become an epicentre of sustainable innovation. As we emerge from the pandemic sustainability is higher on consumer and investor agendas than ever and a recent report from Wrap revealed that in the UK, 73% of consumers are now prepared to change their lifestyles to help the environment.

In response to this rising demand a vast range of sustainable businesses have emerged and several have observed real success scaling and turning their ambitions in to reality. Click here to find out more about some of the Net Zero pioneers whose journeys we have supported.

As with any start-up ecosystem these businesses require significant injections of capital in order to make good on their ambitious missions to accelerate the Net Zero transition. There is a new wave of Net Zero focused Venture Capital firms that are invested in doing exactly that. With sustainability capturing the attention of the media there is a significant opportunity for these firms to position themselves as the businesses spearheading this transition and in this article we shine a spotlight on some of this sector’s leading players.

Sustainable Ventures

Founded in 2011, Sustainable Ventures started with the mission to develop 1000 sustainable start-ups by 2025. The VC firm believes in the power of commercial innovation to address the climate change issues that society face.

Sustainable Ventures is a VC firm that offer entrepreneurs workspaces, accelerator programs, and capital support to develop their businesses. Since 2011, this company has founded 10 companies, invested in 30, and supported the development of over 250. It is safe to say that the business is right at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

Climate VC

Climate VC is a new company that was only founded in 2021. Being new does not mean that this firm has not been successful. This VC firm help find, foster, and fund innovative start-ups that have a ‘global and gigatonne-scale impact on the climate’.

This UK-based EIS fund has a mission to invest in over 100 climate tech companies within the next three years, focusing on pre-seed and seed stage investments. Since launch, Climate VC has invested in companies such as Global OTEC, Treeconomy, Tierra Foods, and Deep Meta.

Zouk Capital

Based in London, Zouk Capital is an independent private equity firm investing in companies that are focused on advancing resource efficiency across infrastructure, technology, and sustainability.

Zouk Capital’s investment team foster a collaborative approach and provide integrated expertise across both the technology and infrastructure platforms. This allows the investment team to deliver genuine value to the companies they work with beyond just capital. This innovative approach has landed Zouk Capital with an impressive portfolio of many companies, some including iZettle, Workable, Huddle, and PHA client Instavolt.


True Global is a consumer-focused investment and innovation firm based in London that lives by the purpose “to reimagine business”, reshaping business as a drive for positive change and help sustainable companies grow through how they work and what they do.

True Global is a different kind of Venture Capital firms as they foster a unique business model with two separate funds. On the one hand there is the investment, but the other fund is helping to accelerate start-ups, growing businesses, as well as helping industry giants exceed their potential. True Global have a network that builds powerful connections between these businesses, partners, investors, and tech leaders. This innovative model have helped companies such as Zwift, Huboo, and Hoxton AI.

Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures is one of Europe’s leading Venture Capital firms that focus on early-stage sustainable technology companies. This firm invests in ambitious and diverse founders with the mission to use technology for scaleable positive impact. We see this through some of the companies that Bethnal Green Ventures have invested in: DrDoctor, Bright Little Labs, LettUs Grow and Inhabit.

This Venture Capital firm believes that technology developed with a positive intention can provide the solutions to some of the biggest social and environmental challenges we face. Having only launched in 2012, Bethnal Green Ventures have proven to be an Venture Capital firm with a positive impact in sustainability.

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