Promoting your healthtech product

Over the past decade, the notion that health and technology doesn’t mix has been widely challenged. Healthtech is now a booming industry, set to continue its rapid expansion due to our ageing population. In fact, research by Statista expects revenue in the health tech industry to reach $5.76bn in the UK in 2027 and is set to grow by over 9% year on year over the next five years.

With healthtech on the rise, a key aim for us at PHA has been helping our clients get in front of the right audience – be it care homes, hospitals, or everyday consumers. With so many verticals competing it can be difficult to stand out and cut through the noise and this is where an effective PR campaign can help.

Profiling and interviews

A key PR tool is storytelling. Describing your journey from the very beginning to where you are now can bring valuable context to a brand’s belonging. Although financial information and company expansion announcements remain of interest to consumers, potential investors, and businesspeople alike, profiling slots and interviews are a great opportunity to give flair and show real personality of the people behind the business.

Our work with leading digital triage provider Doctorlink, successfully adopted thought leadership and journalist 1-1s with CEO Rupert Spiegelberg to showcase the companies mission of improving efficiency in the healthcare industry and ensuring GP’s only see patients that actually require their help. Establishing strong leadership through your external communications is vital when it comes to establishing trust and authority with various audience groups.

Reaching the right audiences

In previous years, many businesses wanted to see their name in national, broadsheet and broadcast news outlets. However, many organisations are now looking at increasingly targeted campaigns that reach the right audience for them that deliver key messages.

A rapidly scaling healthtech business may need to amplify its profile to an audience of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, whereas a smaller scale healthtech app will need to target its messaging towards specific geographies of consumers to drive app downloads. There are various media verticals that cater for these disparate groups so developing relationships with the right media is crucial for any successful healthtech PR campaign. This is where a breadth of media knowledge and contacts is crucial. Not only does it assist with any proactive PR activity, but they can also help to mitigate any risk should a crisis communications situation rise.

Personal story

By sharing personal stories about your business and the people behind the scenes, it gives your brand personality, making it easier for people to know who you are, and to understand your values and trust you. Tovertafel™, which is manufactured by Tover, contains a series of games to support senior living with mid to late-stage dementia and adults with learning disabilities. Our campaign with Tover involved successfully profiling founder Hester Le Riche using her inspiring personal story, positioning her as a thought leader across both national and trade media and, delivering coverage in publications such as the Financial Times calling for more support for those living with dementia.


The continued growth of the health technology industry in recent times has meant that there have been increasing volumes of sector-related stories in the press. Responding quickly to relevant breaking news stories with comments/quotes that add value to the story enables clients to position themselves as key commentators in the media on the issues that matter and can be a highly effective tactic to secure top-tier press coverage.

The impact of visuals

The famous phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words, is never truer than in such a visual sector. Tovertafel™ is an extremely visual product, and we wanted to showcase this through the coverage we secured. We worked with the team to secure a bank of photography to ensure our coverage was bringing the product to life and help their key audiences gain a connection with the company

Creative campaigns

Creative thinking can be a huge asset when it comes to helping a client to stand out. Combining engaging creative with solid media contacts can help ensure your company stays front of mind of your key stakeholders. Our work with Thrive embodied this methodology successfully by launching the #BehindTheSmile campaign to mark World Mental Health Day. This was an integrated social media and PR campaign that managed to drive a 453% increase in followers in under 24 hours and drive 153,000 likes, comments and shares on #BehindTheSmiletagged Instagram stories and posts.

Our in-house creative team headed by our Creative Director, Mike Chivers, allows us to further build on our creative expertise and offer clients a fresh perspective on their strategy.

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