How to effectively plan a B2B influencer campaign

Where there’s an industry, there’s always an opinion leader with the expertise and influence to represent it. This leads to the question: how could a traditionally B2B business utilise these influencers for a corporate focused campaign? And what planning should go into a B2B influencer campaign if you are activating this channel? Here are some key things to consider when planning a B2B influencer campaign:

Selecting the right channel

As any influencer would, those in traditionally corporate industries mainly use the social media platforms that would accurately target their demographic; therefore, it is efficient for corporate brands to use the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn to reach audiences rather than more consumer-focused platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Setting clear KPIs and objectives

Before you find an influencer that fits your niche it is vital to set clear goals. Goals must be realistic and specific- make sure you have an effective way of measuring your goals, like setting KPIs.

Once goals have been established and KPIs have been set, a budget must be considered- whilst the creator may charge a fee for promotion, there will be added costs to create and promote the content.

Picking the right type of influencer for your B2B campaign

Remember that the effectiveness of the influencer is not based off how many followers they have; a loyal, engaged community can be much more valuable in guaranteeing that you reach your metric goals. Their authentic expertise in the industry is what makes them a useful opinion leader, alongside their credibility in the industry and the relevance of their audience.

Ensure the influencer is relevant to your niche. The perfect influencer could already be a client of yours, or have mentioned your brand in the past, and is therefore an authentic brand advocate- this makes their representation of your business more genuine. It could also be the start of a long-standing influencer relationship for your brand.

What type of content is right for your business?

It is pivotal to ensure that your influencer is creating the correct type of content that will target the correct audience- as mentioned above, a corporate B2B campaign may be found on Linkedin or Twitter, rather than TikTok or Instagram.
Education is a key form of promotion within B2B campaigns- for example, educating audiences on the company culture, the services and products on offer or the company’s purpose. With tips and advice, the expertise of the company can be effectively highlighted, at the same time as educating others.

This can be achieved through influencers creating;

• Short form video content

• Podcast recordings

• A section on a radio show or industry focused magazine

• Written commentary from the opinion leader in appropriate print publications or on social media

• Webinars or public speaking events are valuable ways of sharing knowledge and advice.

The most crucial step of a successful B2B influencer marketing campaign (or any influencer marketing campaign) is ensuring the chosen creator relates to the niche of your company. Make sure the connection between brand and influencer is clear and your choice of creator is sensical to outsiders.

How to put your B2B influencer campaign into action

After you have planned your B2B influencer campaign, it is time to put it into practice. To read more about how influencers can enhance your B2B campaign, what it would look like in a corporate business and examples of influencers that utilise their platform to educate others on their own industry specific knowledge and experience, click here.

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