How an effective communications strategy can help position you as an authentic market leader

Research released last year by global healthcare company GSK revealed that the pandemic has had a major impact on people’s behaviours and attitudes towards self-care.

Over 4,000 participants were surveyed, with results indicating 65% of people are now more likely to consider their health in day-to-day decision-making, whilst a significant proportion of Europeans are now taking extra precautions to avoid illness transmission.

This pursuit of wellness has been a major shot in the arm for the kombucha industry. The product is known for its ability to aid your overall health and wellbeing thanks to the millions of healthy bacteria known as probiotics that it contains.

The global kombucha market value is estimated to reach 6.5 Billion US Dollars by 2025, whilst the industry trade association suggests the industry has experienced nearly 30% growth year on year. Clearly, the demand for kombucha beverages is phenomenal.

But like with any industry, when a product or service begins to show signs of popularity amongst consumers, the market quickly becomes flooded with businesses looking to capitalise on the trend.

So, the question is, how can an effective strategic communications strategy help kombucha brands position themselves as authentic market leaders against other competitors?

Highlight your USP

When the market starts to become saturated with players with little differentiation, it can be tricky to gain cut-through. It’s also difficult to promote and communicate the health benefits of kombucha when there’s limited scientific evidence to back claims.

Having an effective communications strategy that’s focused on plugging potential benefits or differentiators against the competition – whether it’s taste, the expertise of your founder, the well-known fans of the product – ensures you stand apart from the rest of the market.

Working with an agency that can support with an effective communications strategy and is well-versed in the nuances of the wellness markets and what we can and cannot say about the product in the public space allows you to effectively develop a comms plan that still helps to promote the benefits of your product, whilst following regulatory guidelines.

Showcase quality and expertise

Working with a reputable third-party spokesperson, such as a registered nutritionist, lends credibility to your brand and helps to build trust with both journalists and consumers. Having a third-party spokesperson highlight the best practice production processes you follow will draw attention to the quality of your product against others in the market.

Advocate for best practices

Recognising the need for the market to do better and aligning with other UK companies to encourage best practices could help position your brand positively and highlight the superiority of your product.

An effective PR strategy can amplify this activity, through announcements, interviews, and drafting comments on the topic. An agency partner would also help to guide the direction of the campaign, ensuring your brand’s voice isn’t lost, or giving you a clear standpoint that helps to differentiate you from other participating companies.

Reach the end consumer

Ultimately, to grow your share in the market, you need consumers to buy into – and buy – your products. Your agency partner should help define your target audience (in the UK, millennials are the core kombucha-consuming demographic), and identify their consumption habits, any noteworthy lifestyle trends, where they engage with brands and how they consume news to help position you as a leader to them.

Rolling out PR activity will generate new ways to engage consumers and tap into their passion points – for example, appealing to health-conscious audiences by promoting your product as a low-to-no alcohol option, or plugging the potential benefits of the product during the winter months when sickness and Seasonal Affective Disorder are prevalent and well-covered in the press.

Capitalising on current consumer trends will show you have your finger on the pulse and understand your target audiences’ lifestyles. Resonating with your audience is essential in helping to promote your positioning as a market leader.

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