How to build consumer trust on social media

New research from Barclays has highlighted that eight in 10 Brits (76%) feel unsafe on social media due to scammers operating on the platforms.

The research goes on to indicate that over the last quarter, scams have skyrocketed 24% compared to the same period last year, with purchase scams, where consumers buy goods which never arrive or aren’t as advertised, being the most common, accounting for 66% of all scams.

With key sales moments in the year fast approaching, we asked our in-house social media experts for their top tips on how businesses can build consumer trust across social media platforms.

Always consider your content strategy

As more and more consumers turn to social media when researching a brand they’re considering purchasing from, it’s vital that content strategies are peppered with positive, genuine customer reviews, to provide tangible proof of a track record of satisfied customers. In addition to a varied organic social content plan that doesn’t come on too hard with the sales push, a hard-working community management strategy is essential to show potential customers that the brand listens to its followers and responds to questions and queries in a timely fashion.

Adding personality and a friendly, understanding tone of voice into responses helps to showcase the human side of the brand and further build trust with consumers

Declan Leavy, Social Media Account Director

Elevate your brand to new and existing audiences through Paid Social

Paid Social can be a valuable tool to elevate a brand’s key messaging to new and existing audiences. Using brand awareness optimisation advertisers can use Paid Social to target highly relevant users while keeping the brand front of mind and helping to build authenticity with audiences.

Alice Davies, Paid Social Account Director

Celebrate the personalities that make your brand

Creating content fronted by your staff, and celebrating the personalities that make your brand at all sections of the supply chain pulls back the curtain for the audience both on your process, and the people who make it.

Robert Bone, Senior Social Media Executive

Consider the power of influencers

With so many people seeking authenticity on social media, activating an influencer campaign using micro-influencers that align with the brand’s vision and goals will provide great returns. Showcasing real-life usage and experiences of your products and services can help potential customers feel more confident with their purchasing decisions and instil trust and loyalty.

Parth Depala, Senior Social Media Executive

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