Exploring the Emotional Impact of the Five Senses in Grief


Sue Ryder offers crucial support for those approaching the end of life or living with grief. Recognising the universality of these experiences, they ensure no one faces them alone, providing tailored care and comfort.

We were challenged to design and execute a campaign to raise awareness of Sue Ryder’s bereavement services. Our response was to highlight how the five senses can trigger emotions for those who are grieving. Our objectives included building understanding of the impact of sensory triggers, raising awareness of Sue Ryder’s support services, sharing personal stories, and engaging the public through an immersive experience in Leeds.


Exploring the profound connection between sensory triggers and grief, we crafted an immersive gallery-style exhibition set within the iconic walls of Leeds’ historic Corn Exchange.

Our exhibition aimed to deepen the understanding of how our senses influence our emotions around grief, drawing from new research that showed 91% agree that sensory triggers remind them of someone they have grieved or are grieving for.

It served as a poignant moment for reflection, inviting attendees to think of their own experiences, whilst raising awareness of Sue Ryder so that everyone can access their advice and support for themselves, or for a loved one.

Through personal stories and interactive experiences, visitors had the opportunity to explore the breadth of Sue Ryder’s bereavement services and the invaluable support they offer to those navigating grief.


The exhibition showcased personal items shared by people who Sue Ryder supported, and which reminded them of their loved one, each accompanied by specially designed artwork in the form of posters and leaflets. These artworks served to articulate the emotions and journeys of the individuals whose stories were featured, with some attending the event.

The artistic concept garnered widespread acclaim, drawing significant public engagement and media attention. Subsequently, the artwork influenced the visual identity of a nationwide TV commercial, demonstrating its enduring impact.

The immersive nature of the experience provided a powerful platform for sharing personal stories, resonating deeply with attendees and offering valuable insights into Sue Ryder’s bereavement services. Additionally, it enabled Sue Ryder’s social team to create compelling content to share across various platforms, thereby increasing understanding and support for those experiencing grief.

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