Advocating for Responsible Pet Advertising


Blue Cross is an animal welfare charity providing veterinary care, behavioural help, homes for pets in need, and pet bereavement services. They campaign to end inhumane breeding practices and pet mistreatment, which is why our brief emerged.

Entrusted with addressing the concerning trend of indiscriminate breeding of pets such as French bulldogs, pugs, and Persian cats, our mission was to shed light on the animal welfare crisis in the UK, stemming from over-popularization, and to advocate for responsible pet advertising practices.

These specific breeds endure significant health challenges attributable to their flat-faced characteristics. Unfortunately, major British consumer brands inadvertently exacerbate this crisis by featuring these breeds in their advertisements, thereby amplifying demand and fostering overbreeding.


 In a concerted partnership effort, we launched the #EndTheTrend campaign, driven by the collective goal of urging leading UK brands to cease featuring brachycephalic pets in their advertising by the end of 2023.

A collaboration with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) resulted in the development of comprehensive guidelines for responsible pet usage in advertisements, aiming to set a new standard across the industry. Expanding beyond guidelines, PHA took a proactive stance by curating a compelling series of out-of-home billboard concepts. These visually striking displays served as poignant reminders of the campaign’s message, reaching a broad audience and igniting conversations about the ethical considerations surrounding pet advertising.

 Complementing our offline efforts, we leveraged the power of online platforms to drive engagement and raise awareness. Through targeted petitioning, social media advocacy, and educational content dissemination, we sought to deepen public understanding of the ethical dilemmas and health implications associated with the over-popularization of brachycephalic breeds.


The campaign garnered significant attention, securing 117 pieces of media coverage featuring the campaign artwork, including 11 national pieces.

The billboards that were strategically placed in and around London, within the underground network, served as a visible reminder of the need to end the trend of featuring brachycephalic pets in advertising.

 By raising awareness and mobilising public support, Blue Cross made strides in highlighting the urgent need for responsible pet advertising practices and addressing the welfare concerns of these beloved animals.

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