Why 2021 is the year for respiratory wellness

Some eleven months into a global pandemic that attacks the respiratory system, it is perhaps no wonder that leading industry experts have concentrated on the topic of respiratory wellness in their health trends predictions for this year.

There has been a noticeable trend throughout 2020 of consumers seeking to play a more active role in their overall wellbeing and this has only been accelerated by a third lockdown. From keeping fit using the range of Personal Training Apps on the market through to eating more healthily with the support of meal planning/nutrition services there has been a huge rise in products and businesses emerging to support consumer wellbeing.

Respiratory wellness is one area that has really come to the forefront in recent months given the health risks associated with the ongoing pandemic. Whether it’s products that purify the air around us or tech that increases our lung functionality, improving our breathing efficiency is more of a priority for consumers now than ever before.

Here we shine a spotlight on five of the brands leading the way in this growing sector.


Euka is on a mission to “democratize respiratory wellness for all”. With a diverse product line ranging from saline spray to shower bombs, US-based Euka champions preventative wellness with products that aid our respiratory systems and strengthen immunity. Euka has been the top choice for celebrated global musical artists for decades, to help minimise infection which could keep them from doing what they love – performing to fans – whilst there has been more recent endorsement from celebrity names such as Kylie Jenner, who revealed she is “obsessed with this brand”. Big things are expected from Euka this year as they get a step closer to taking their wellness offering international.

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Recognised as the world’s leading breathing trainer, Warwickshire based company POWERbreathe designs products which improve breathing muscle strength and stamina, whilst reducing breathlessness. The technology works by creating a resistance when the user breathes in, which in turn strengthens the breathing muscles by making them work harder. This process is known as ‘Inspiratory Muscle Training’ – think dumbbells for your diaphragm. As well as individuals with breathing difficulties and elite athletes looking to maximise performance, the products are designed to benefit everyone, with three different resistance levels available.

Dispelling the dated belief that all air humidifiers are clunky and space hoarders, Canopy is a breath of fresh air (sorry, had to). As the world’s cleanest humidifier, and small enough to fit comfortably on your nightstand, Canopy’s filter catches unwanted bacteria and produces no mist but filtered, hydrated air in its place. Not only is it space friendly but also dishwasher safe too, meaning maintenance is simple and easy. The humidifier, another US brand poised for international expansion, helps reduce the spread of viruses indoors and alleviates symptoms of colds, the flu and allergies. If that’s not enough, well, Canopy’s SPA proprietary technology stops mould from growing, a common drawback for traditional humidifiers. I’m sold.

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If you’re looking for a wellness hub within the home, allow me to introduce you to the NEOM Wellbeing Pod. Created to provide an optimal level of scent within a matter of minutes, the Pod works at the touch of a button and delivers 100% natural essential oil blends. Dubbed the ‘future of home fragrancing’, the NEOM Wellbeing Pod humidifies the air around you and administers a strong wellbeing boost through natural scents. With a London base here in the UK, NEOM’s versatility as a wellbeing all-rounder makes it a must have!

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When it comes to respiratory wellness, the cleaning products you use in your home should always be a key consideration… enter Hycolin! Created to safeguard and protect homes in the fight against germs and viruses, the Hycolin home care range includes a number of fragrance-free Antiviral Disinfectants that kills respiratory bugs and stops them from reproducing, also protecting those with respiratory allergies. From their Antiviral Surface Cleaner that is certified to kill COVID-19, to their Surface Wipes and newly launched Mini Fogger, the Hycolin brand is on a mission to protect the nation, and they’re now available to buy from Aldi’s famous middle aisle. What are you waiting for?

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