What are ‘Cleanfluencers’ and why should your brand be working with them?

Like it or not, cleaning is an integral part of our everyday lives and since the pandemic amplified our awareness of the importance of cleanliness, consumers are keener than ever to find new ways to keep their homes safe and clean, with many turning to the advice of ‘cleanfluencers’.

Cleanfluencers, aka cleaning influencers: a new wave of niche creators who cater to the latest cleaning trends. Cleanfluencers have recently taken social media by storm by sharing an array of cleaning focused content – from general product reviews, expert tips to handy (and often wacky) hacks.

Why should cleaning brands put working with cleanfluencers near the top of their marketing strategy? It goes without saying that this niche set of influencers have a loyal, highly engaged following, who will be actively interested in discovering the latest cleaning products, as well as learning about innovative tried and tested tips. Just look to celebrity status cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch who has carved a hugely successful career and boasts an audience of 4.1m loyal ‘Hinchers’!

Cleanfluencers therefore provide an ample opportunity for cleaning brands to connect with a key, engaged audience group whilst amplifying general brand awareness and reach. So, what’s the best way for cleaning brands to work with cleanfluencers? This will depend on your brand’s core objectives and budget, but a two-pronged approach (i.e. working with cleanfluencers on both an organic and sponsored basis) is usually the most effective.

Cleaning brands can effectively build credibility and maximise awareness through authentic product reviews which can be secured through organic gifting. This is a great tactic to get the product into the hands of cleanfluencers, and also helps to generate earned social mentions. We achieved great success working with cleanfluencers for antiviral cleaning brand, Hycolin, where we built a widespread fan base for the brand by engaging with mid-tier micro influencers and sending them products on a regular basis.

If your goal is to launch a new product or campaign, working with cleanfluencers on a sponsored basis can provide multiple benefits, from amplifying reach (and possible results), to allowing you more control over the content, which in turn enables you to include key brand messages and product USPs. You’ll also be able to measure the content performance in terms of reach and engagement, as well as track against website traffic and sales where trackable links are included.

To ensure you see the best ROI, it’s important to identify the key objectives and target audience to determine which cleanfluencers, platform and type of content will be most suitable. As mentioned above, we’d also recommend providing trackable links so results can be measured and reported on as well, as working closely with the influencers to determine the type of content that works best on their platform and the optimum time for audience engagement. We’ve found that working with sponsored cleanfluencers to create video content around ‘cleaning hacks’ or ‘tips’ promotes a brand in a more authentic and engaging way over a still product shot (something we wouldn’t have had control over if the partnership was earned).

If your objective is to drive awareness with a slightly younger audience, look to platforms such as TikTok who have an increasingly large pool of cleanfluencers who share a variety of fun, informative cleaning specific content.

Why not check out some of our favourite clean-fluencers on Instagram and TikTok for inspiration:

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