Unique fragrance brands: Five of our favourites 

You can tell a lot by the perfume that someone is wearing and as Francis Kurkdijian, creator of the men’s fragrance Le Male for Jean Paul Gaultier once said ‘Perfume is the art that makes memory speak’.

Whilst the majority of industries suffered a downfall last year as the COVID-19 pandemic surged around the globe, the fragrance category thrived. 

In America for example, fragrance sales were up 45% in the first quarter of 2021 and when compared to a ‘normal non-COVID year’ such as 2019, fragrance sales were only up 27%. 

With news breaking earlier this month that Harry Styles is set to launch a fragrance and cosmetics brand, clearly, the fragrance market is hot property at the moment. 

With this in mind, we thought we would shine a light on five UK based fragrance brands.

Shay & Blue

Founded by Dom De Vetta in 2012, Shay & Blue is an award-winning fragrance brand based in Marylebone that create unique sensual fragrances for both men and women. 

Dom’s vision for Shay & Blue was to create a boutique company of talented individuals who will continue to use traditional fragrance making techniques and pass on knowledge to future generations. 

Dom’s experience in the world of perfume spans over twenty years and he is the former Senior Vice President at Chanel and was the Global General Manager of Jo Malone London. 

Shay & Blue’s fragrances are cruelty-free and are PETA certified, packaged in a responsible manner, gender-neutral and finally, plant and vegan based.  

Floral Street

Inspired by British culture and powered by flowers, Floral Street is an award-winning vegan brand that offers consumers a plethora of products from fine fragrances to bath and beauty ‘must-haves’ all of which are packaged up in reusable, recyclable and biodegradable material.

Floral Street is the brainchild of beauty powerhouse, Michelle Feeney. Michelle’s experience includes being headhunted by Estée Lauder before being promoted to Vice President, Global Communications of MAC Cosmetics following their acquisition by Estée Lauder companies, leading them to become the world’s biggest make-up brand. 

Michelle’s mission for Floral Street is to bring fine fragrance to the modern woman, so that “she might build an entire fragrance wardrobe which can express the many facets of who she is.”


With a rich and illustrious history, Penhaligon’s is one of Britain’s most prestigious fragrances. Founded in 1870 by William Penhaligon, a humble Cornish barber who rose to the Royal Court, the brand has become a symbol of excellence and holds two Royal Warrants. 

Fast-forward to the 21st century and scents are still made using only the finest and rarest ingredients such as hand cold-pressed bergamot to jasmine (which happens to be twice the price of gold!)  

Penhaligon’s also have a useful service on their website which helps consumers find their perfect scent. 


The meaning of ‘Anima’ comes from the Latin word soul or ‘inner spirit’ whilst ‘Vinci’ means to conquer.

Whilst the business is based in London it has extensive roots in Grasse, which is known for its long-established relationship with the perfume industry. 

Founder, Nathalie Vinciguerra’s goal for when creating fragrances is to transport us back to previous times and spark life into our most treasured memories. ANIMA VINCI scents have the power to immerse all of us in the vibrant energy of the universe and the ever-present beauty of the natural world. 

With the environment playing such a key role in the development of their fragrances, it is no surprise to learn that their products are crafted with only the best ingredients from sustainable sources.

Rook Perfumes 

Rook scents are all about creating a moment, evoking an emotion and transporting you to a time or place. For founder Nadeem Crowe, scents have always played a major part of his life, claiming that scents move him emotionally more than any other sense. 

Nadeem Crowe isn’t your usual fragrance founder, whilst completing a medical degree at UCL he also trained as an actor and landed a role in the West End’s production of School of Rock. 

The meaning behind the Rook triangle logo is that it represents unity and balance in all aspects of life. For Nadeem, it is the triad of performing, perfumery and medicine that brings him a sense of equilibrium, remove one, and all balance is lost. Nadeem goes on to suggest everyone has a triangle, they just need to take time to realise what it is. 

Currently, Nadeem is working on the frontline as an NHS emergency doctor fighting the battle against COVID-19. 

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