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It has been no secret that due to coronavirus descending on the nation that businesses of all shapes and sizes have had no option but to transition and embrace remote working and adapt their workforce.

For some, remote working wouldn’t have been an entirely new concept, but for companies who are used to working exclusively in an office environment, it would have provided teams with logistical issues and challenges they didn’t foresee coming.

We’ve taken a look at four platforms that help employers stay in touch with employees remotely and make engaging with remote teams easier to manage.


Helping you to get the very best out of your people is CakeHR. Understanding that the world of work is changing and traditional models of working simply will not work.

From handling time off approvals digitally, to employees being able to submit and manage company expenses from a mobile app. CakeHR is the product of technology and HR merging.

Currently, customers from over 50 countries and 1,200 cities in the world have chosen to use CakeHR for their HR needs.

If you’re wondered why “CakeHR?” Well, it started off because the software was a piece of cake to use! But in its later years, it now reflects how multi-layered the business is, again like a cake.


Are you a small business but with big ideas? If so, CharlieHR is the software for you. The London based business takes care of your admin whilst you’re working on bringing those big ideas to life.

Some of CharlieHR’s features include being able to keep employee information safe and secure, as well as useful functions that allow you to monitor the sentiment of your workforce with company engagement surveys.


Founded in 2013, citrusHR is the UK’s most comprehensive HR support service designed for small businesses.

citrusHR offer flexible, rolling, and monthly contracts and charge on a clear per-employee basis that makes it easy for businesses to budget for their HR needs.

There HR support service  gives customers unlimited advice from friendly HR experts anytime of the day.


Currently over 8,000 companies manage their HR needs with Breathe which equates to a mammoth 240,000 people using the platform. The easy-to-use HR admin platform allows HR professionals to safely access a staff holiday planner, view and download employee documents and manage appraisals and internal 1-2-1s.

Breathe also provide ongoing training and support as part of the monthly subscription package.

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