Think outside your inbox – using PR to recruit candidates

Finding the right candidate for your vacancies can be a full-time job. Many organisations trust in recruitment agents to help find their perfect match, but what if you are the recruiter and you’re struggling to reach your target audience?

Are you an inbox addict? According to a study commissioned by Adobe over the course of our careers we will spend over 47,000 hours checking our emails, equating to five years of our lives. So many of us rely on who we can send emails to but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

We look at the strategies you could implement to help build your client pipeline, grow your brand presents and promote your successes within the industry.

Industry specialist events

Specialist events are brilliant for strategic partnerships, growing your client base and raising your brand awareness, they are also excellent speaking opportunities. Contributing to an article or publication, submitting research findings and offering to speak at industry events are all ways that employers can offer up industry knowledge and different approaches to work that will raise their organization’s profile.

The very best candidates want to work for people who inspire them and are seen to be making waves in their industry. Events are an excellent way to leverage thought leadership.

 Showcase yourself

Whether it’s through social media or company spokesmen, one of the best ways to communicate what it’s like to work at your company is through employees. Let your candidates see the office! If you can’t host a physical event why not run a virtual option? Short digital assets and videos can help you bring your culture and environment to life.

Just one look of those artwork-covered walls, and your candidate knows this is a company that values creativity and the place for them.  Let the picture do the talking for you and incorporate a creative campaign alongside your communication efforts to ensure you increase your reach.

Thought leadership

Frequently companies think that PR should be leveraged to promote company news; everything from new hire announcements, office openings and website launches, to rebrands, new products or services, and acquisitions.

While some of these events may be deemed newsworthy, PR can be the most powerful tool to raise a company’s profile, communicate the brand and culture messaging, and continually position internal experts as industry thought leaders. Most importantly, when public relations are leveraged effectively, employers can extend their ability to reach top candidates and attract them into their business. All too often, this is an opportunity that is missed when it comes to recruitment and hiring, because many companies only focus on pushing out as many “look how great we are” press releases on their websites or industry news as they can.

Beyond the business pages

Organisations within the recruitment industry are making waves by implementing new technologies, whether it is incorporating blockchain technology for CV verification like APPII, or if it is virtual interviews and augmented reality to immerse yourself in the company offices. Making yourself stand apart from your competitors is vital.

Implementing a PR strategy to help communicate your story setting you apart and bringing you outside of just the business pages and into lifestyle or technology publications can help you reach your desired candidates. Partnered with a targeted social media strategy this can be a very effective.

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