The unstoppable rise of alternative milks

Milk and cookies, milk in your tea or coffee, milk to make your creamy porridge oats in the morning. Milk’s great, right? Well, not always.

Many of you reading this will have an intolerance to diary (five per cent to be precise in the UK). Not to mention the daunting facts about the effects of diary consumption on the planet (did you know a glass of dairy milk produces almost three times more greenhouse gas than any plant-based milk?). So, should we stop drinking the white stuff? In short, yes or at least in moderation.

Luckily for consumers, the plant-based alternative milk market continues to surge in popularity with a host of brands fighting to carve out their own niche. What initially appeared as a trend has turned into a way of life, be that for sustainable, vegan, allergy or intolerance reasons.

So great news for milk lovers and non-milk lovers alike. We suggest you try one (or all) of these fantastic alternative milk options so you don’t have to miss out on your preferred beverages.

Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen pride themselves on questioning the status quo and consistently rethinking consumer’s unsustainable approach to nutrition, consumption, agriculture and manufacturing.
The alternative-milk brand offers three types of products: their standard milk alternatives, Mylk, Mylkshakes and Cococut Water.

Since their launch back in 2017, Rebel Kitchen’s visual identity has always been key focus. Keen to reject the high colour style of the mainstream coconut water or alt-dairy market, their tone of voice is bold and unapologetic whilst the design is easily recognisable, memorable and has an emotive identity.

We recommend you give this rebellious and confident brand a try.


Plenish Drinks provide plant-powered juices and milks with a purpose to inspire everyone to make a positive change for a healthier world.

Quite rightfully, the brand is proud to shout that all of their M*lk products are made with sustainably sourced nuts, oats and soya that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and produce 70% fewer carbon emissions than dairy.

Plenish also demonstrated their speedy and innovative marketing tactic with a stunt during the EU election. Whilst stories were occurring that several members of the Brexit party were being doused in milkshake during the campaigning period, the brand headed to a polling station in South East England with the plan to hand out their m*ilkshakes for free.

Despite the obvious political statement, the reactive nature worked nicely for the brand, gaining publicity and a spike in Google searches. Whether you agree with a brand’s political stance or not, you’ve got to give it to them – it got us talking.

Rude Health

The approach at Rude Health is all about nourishment and enjoying foods that can be made from the consumer’s store cupboard. Starting life back in 2006 with their launch of Ultimate Muesli, the idea for alternative milks came along in 2013 when, promoting tastings of its cereals in-store, the team started to get requests from shoppers for non-dairy milks.

Milks are now Rude Health’s best-selling category, and with tastes becoming more sophisticated there is heightened consumer interest in their unusual flavours such as peanut and tiger nut.

Rude Health make efforts to meet consumers face-to-face with frequent sampling at events and festivals, and always avoid the urge to preach to consumers. Hosting an array of events themselves from Rude Health Porridge Championship to Al Fresco Wild Swims (because porridge always tastes better after a wild swim), the brand is unafraid to stand up for real, honest products.


One of the newer brands in this list, Sproud is a Swedish vegan milk alternative using peas. Yes, you read that right, the humble pea.

Starting life just two years ago the brand claims their vegan pea milk has the lowest carbon footprint than others on the market, they are environmentally friendly and 100% allergen-free. Needing less water to culture and containing loads of protein that is possible to extract without chemical solvents, the pea pops up superior.

Impressively Sproud made its US debut this year at the Pre-Oscar party, serving their plant based dairy alternative to celebrities such as Bresha Webb, Nathan Gamble and Jerry Jerrod.
Serving their products in the brand’s distinctive packaging the Vegan Cappuccino and indulgent Vegan White Russian cocktail were firm favorites among the guests. If they don’t intrigue you, we don’t know what will.

Good Hemp

Good Hemp provides, you guessed it, hemp-based products. Overflowing with Omega-3, 6 and 9, packed with healthy fibre, and planet-friendly, hemp is a delicious alternative. Founders Henry and Glyn started growing hemp on their farm in North Devon back in 1998 and now have hemp milk, oil, seeds and protein products.

Their campaign ‘You Name It, We’re Good For It’ saw a data-driven approach to advertising where they identified relevant audiences’ micro-segments, serving consumers with messages that relate to their individual non-dairy behaviours. For example, a person who is plant-based for environmental reasons will read a message connecting Good Hemp’s eco credentials with rainforest protection, while the health-conscious will learn that Good Hemp milk is enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

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