The renting companies ready to offer a helping hand

Finding a new home is time-consuming, exhausting, and complicated if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully there are some great property firms out there who are ready to make your life a whole lot easier. Checkout our shortlist on the best apps and sites to use to get one step closer to securing your dream property.

Patch Property

Renting properties has become a real issue for people in the UK due to high rent rates and a lack of good properties to choose from. Or that was the case before Patch Property arrived on the scene, with 100,000 users and one of the top-ranked apps on the Apple App Store, Patch is single-handedly reinventing renting for private tenants in the UK. The app tracks your monthly rent payments which helps to build your credit score for later in life when you’re ready to buy your own property. Patch also offer to pay the deposit on the property you’d like to rent up to the sum of £4,000. All you need to do is pay a small monthly subscription fee.


On average every three minutes, someone finds a flatmate to live with on SpareRoom, making it the UK’s busiest flat share site. With two million visitors to their site every month, SpareRoom isn’t short of users to set you up with a housemate that you really click with. There’s also a team of real people checking every advert on the site, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your safety is always being put first.


Have you heard of Perchpeek? The innovative rental platform that uses cutting edge AI technology to automatically connect tenants easily to the most relevant rooms around, whilst also allowing agents and landlords to find suitable tenants. Perchpeek maximises the quality of information shown to tenants and room providers so the time spent looking for a new home is significantly reduced – a welcomed relief to both parties.


Designed to deliver a clear and crisp experience for renters in need of a new home. No more wasting time in having to send emails, or arrange house bookings, simply log into the Inadash app and begin viewing properties that interest you right away. Inadash has even created a solution to slow transactions by allowing you to view, make an offer, and rent a property all in one day via the app.


Meet the business here to shake up how renting works. Howsy is bridging the gap between landlords and renters, to stop the conflict of landlord and renter being on opposite sides. The business was designed to give consumers a stress-free and insightful experience which is priced fairly too. By combining smart tech and specialist property people, they have the unique knowledge of understanding what both renters and landlords need.

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