The future of the Australian fitness and wellness industry

The significance of physical wellbeing has been of paramount importance worldwide. In Australia especially, 86% of people have actively taken steps to better manage their physical health and 67% have proactively considered ways to manage their mental health. It is therefore no surprise, that Australian fitness companies are thriving. With increasing numbers now taking fitness and wellness seriously, we look at a few companies that are making statements in the industry.


Based in Queensland Australia, Alphafit specialised in creating innovative gym products for training needs. The brand has built a reputation within the country of being one of the leading forces within the gym equipment industry. The manufacturing of the products is exclusively made with only parts that are sourced within Australia and are based on the Gold Coast.

Recently, the company launched the Core Adjustable utility bench, designed for tackling interference-free strength training. The company also was the host of #Australianmadeweek which was a campaign encouraging citizens to buy Australian made products and support local businesses.


Zova boasts a wide range of services from different body workouts to 3-part weekly programs including cardio sweat, strength & sculpt and finally body burner. In 2016 Zova was one of only two companies that won the coveted Apple design award and has since gone to build and progress one of the most acknowledged fitness apps. Has been recognised as the number one Apple watch home workout app, and is rated 4.5 stars on the app store.

In recent years the company has partnered with a range of Australian models such as former Big Brother star Skye Wheatley, Megan Marx and swimsuit model Natalie Roser who referred to Zova as her “go-to app”. Nova released a series of virtual classes led by celebrities in the aim of promoting the company and building brand awareness, each session was targeted to achieve a loss of 400 calories per session. With recent developments and focus on home workouts due to the pandemic, the brand is showing potential as being one of the leaders within the market.

Body Science

Founded by partners Greg and Sheree Young, the multi-million dollar company originated from humble beginnings and specialises in sports nutrition and compression. Body Science creates products to serve muscle recovery, pre-workout and HASTA certified protein blends.

The company was recently featured in Australian’s Men’s Health which opened a discussion on how their products can “sculpt your best body ever”. Commercially, the company works alongside reputable sports companies such as Red Bull Ampol racing, Brisbane Lions, and the NRL all-stars. With the company now beginning new ventures such as gym merchandise and accessories alongside the supplements, it is a growing indication that the progressive company has full intention of becoming recognised far beyond Australia.

Zadi training

Originating from the north shore of Sydney, Zadi training is uniquely making waves as the first boutique fitness studio exclusively for women. The brand offers female-specific strength and HIIT sessions. In early 2020, CEO Adala Bolto targeted launching 50 studios in the space of two years, which demonstrated their purpose and more specifically the niche market for female-run fitness studios.

The company places their customers and their experience at the heart of every decision made. For example, the classes are limited to 18 women per session, with a ‘nightclub’ vibe which allows gym lovers to feel focused on their workouts.

SAGA Fitness

Only founded at the turn of the year, SAGA Fitness provide the only product currently on the market that allows for precise blood flow restriction.

BFR Training (Blood flow restriction) is a highly researched method of training that can aid the effect of your training in less time and with less intensity required from your user.

SAGA Fitness’s flagship product are the BFR cuffs that link up via your smart device and are completely wireless.

The business has recently announced that they have become the official partner of the UFC Performance Institute.

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