The employee training companies driving improvement in organisations

The topic of employee training is receiving increased attention at the moment with recent results showing 30% of UK workers not having received formal workplace training in the last five years. As we enter the final months of the year and the job market at its peak, business owners are now focusing on upskilling employees and developing attributes that may have been neglected previously 

In this piece, we look at the brands that companies are turning to in order to support their employees’ development. 

Skills Training UK 

Based in London, Skills Training UK creates bespoke training programmes to help upskill workers and young people to meet the needs of businesses. Specialising in apprenticeships and traineeships, Skills Training UK has worked with the Department of Education, the NHS, and Institute for Apprenticeships.

Skills Training UK aims to educate employers on the apprenticeship levy and its benefits, dissecting where the company will benefit most from apprentices and responding to the needs of these firms. Earlier this year, the company won the AELP AAC Apprenticeship award for their apprenticeship delivery in the UK.  


Learnerbly is a London-based E-learning platform that gives employers the opportunity to help upskill their workers. By providing personal learning budgets, employees and trainees are given the freedom to choose what skills they wish to develop with the guidance of experts across a variety of sectors such as marketing and product engineering. The business also offers Diversity Pride training to accelerate inclusion within organisations. 

Founder and CEO Rajeeb Dey offers further insights through Learnerbly Live where thought leaders are invited to share insights and expertise on relevant topics to help educate listeners. With the market for employee training in high demand, Learnerbly is sure to command the attention of businesses across the UK.  


Based in London, Copenhagen, and Orlando, Eloomi is a people development software company focusing on personal development and learning performance. Eloomi offers employers insights on their employees, helping to analyse areas in which they require improvement and developing these into custom reports.  

Established in 2015, the company has gone from strength to strength and has grown by a considerable 39% in the last 24 months. Eloomi presently has coverage in 25+ countries with over 500+ customers using its service. Earlier this year, Eloomi announced their successful investment of $55M with the funds being used to further establish their presence within the US and expand into new markets. 

The Skills Network 

Providing online learning for employers and educational institutions across the UK, The Skills Network specialises in offering a variety of courses to upskill individuals and help them gain nationally-recognised qualifications. The company has a long term vision to become “the number one provider of technology-based learning” and help businesses tackle modern issues such as sustainability which will be a challenge of key importance for many organisations following COP 26.  

The Skills Network has worked across a number of sectors such as finance, education, and social care. With over 30,000 learners gaining a recognised qualification within the last 12 months it is clear that the company is creating a positive impact and will continue to create change whilst providing opportunities for learners. 

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