The EdTech brands driving the transition of education as we know it

The EdTech industry observed significant growth throughout the pandemic with studies being forced online and software solutions coming to the fore, helping students across the country continue their education. Fast forward to 2022, and data has shown the UK market value is expected to hit £3.4bn by the end of this year. 

One of the key drivers for this recent growth was a necessity as schools and educational institutions shut their doors and many have raised questions over whether this boom was a pandemic-motivated flash in the pan or a genuine shift in learning behaviour.  

As lockdown measures ease, we look at the EdTech businesses best placed to continue their growth over the coming months.  

Century Tech 

Founded in 2013, Century Tech is a technology company that aims to support children’s learning in primary and secondary schools. Focusing on core subjects such as English, mathematics and science the artificial intelligence backed system understands the key strengths and identifies the weaknesses of students, this then translates into personalised learning pathways which are bespoke to each pupil. 

Now available in 45 countries around the world, the tech platform offers several features designed to improve student performance such as GCSE revision and providing homework tasks where instant and personalised feedback is given with suggestions on improvements. Teachers are also able to view the student’s performance from the dashboard and identify trends in their learning. 

Up Learn 

Launched in 2016, Up Learn is an online platform driven by AI to help students achieve high attainment in their A-level exams. The brand offers a money-back guarantee for any student who completes the course and does not achieve either an A or A* result. 

The EdTech company has shown impressive growth with 8,000 customers joining within the last year and an impressive 97% of students achieving minimum A grades. By selecting the Up Master plan, customers are given access to one-to-one 24/7 support from tutors in top University establishments as well as having two exams marked by official examiners. 


Noon is a social e-learning platform that currently is present in eight countries across the globe with more than ten million users. The platform allows live tutoring sessions where students join study groups and learn within a collaborative environment. The online education app’s latest funding round took their total funding to more than $21m and this backing will enable the business to continue its growth post-pandemic.    

Noon has increased its headcount by 68% in the last two years alone and with the increasing prominence of the EdTech industry, Noon will look to capitalise and increase its already growing presence worldwide. 


MyTutor is a one-to-one online tutor platform designed to support the educational needs of GCSE and A-level students. Tutors can analyse pupil progress and lesson attendance through their online dashboard, enabling remote learning whereby students can communicate and learn from the comfort of their homes. 

Tutors are handpicked from top UK universities with a high standard in place allowing only one in eight applications. Users can narrow their choice of tutor based on factors such as subject, academic level or price. The MyTutor platform is a pay as you go service meaning users are not tied into a contract, allowing full flexibility. While remote learning is no longer a necessity, for those looking to achieve the highest grades possible having missed several months of schooling, MyTutor could be an effective way of making up for the lost time.  

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