The best delivery companies in the UK

While at-home deliveries were already booming pre-Covid-19, the pandemic helped convenient and efficient online ordering options to become the norm.

In fact, international delivery service DPD delivered 1.9 million packages worldwide in 2020, an increase in half a billion compared to 2019.

Whether you’re looking for restaurant quality food delivered straight to your door, or need paracetamol ASAP, we’re looking at the best apps that can save you a trip to the shops.

Restaurant kits

Restaurant kit was founded by restaurant owners during the first lockdown. Their goal was to bring people joy through good company and good food, and at the same time giving restaurant’s staff something to do as well as to generate an income. Thanks to them the best food in the country was available to everyone in the UK, from Brighton to Newcastle.

The choices are endless from lobster rolls to crispy duck or Venimoo burger kit. Everything is easy to recreate at home, with simple instructions and great products.


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Founded last May by Kağan Sümer and Jörg Kattner in Berlin, Gorillas has already expanded to more than 12 cities, including Amsterdam, London and Manchester. The company lets you order groceries and other household items on-demand with an average delivery time of 10 minutes.

From fresh products to medicine or loo rolls, you’ll be able to find anything that you need on their app.

Parsley Box

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Adrienne and Gordon started Parsley Box when looking for ready-to-eat meals and were concerned about the quality of what they found. They then decided to create cupboard stored tasty meals, ordered online, and delivered fast to your door.

All meals are slow cooked and specially packed to seal in goodness and flavour and can be stored in your cupboard for up to six months. Their menu is varied including pies, cakes, soups and even an all-day breakfast!

Wild radish

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Wild Radish is for people who love cooking almost as much as eating. All you need to do is to choose a recipe created by one of their Michelin Star chefs. For every dish, the chef shares their inspiration, tales of how the dish came to be, and flavours to look forward to. Wild Radish then deliver a box of beautifully fresh ingredients to your door, and you can also choose to go for paired wines, to take this out of your plate!

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