The apps that are making loneliness a thing of the past

For those of us lucky to be in a loving relationship, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate and look forward to the year ahead. On the other hand, for people who are single, it can prove to be a difficult time of the year, with some people feeling alone or at a loose end.

With that in mind, we’ve looked at five apps that are helping to battle the effects of loneliness.


Their tagline describes perfectly the nature of their business, ‘turning loneliness into happiness’. The team at BuddyHub are here to make a difference to an older community in the UK. The UK’s population is made up of a million people over 65 who are said to either feel lonely all the time or most of the time. BuddyHub is here to help prevent that by connecting them with like-minded buddies who live no-longer than a 30-minute walk away. Seniors and buddies are carefully matched based on their interests and experiences. Put simply the app was designed for the purpose of making friends and enjoying someone else’s company.


Meet the first strictly platonic friend making app, get matched with people near you who share similar interests. There’s just one rule, absolutely no flirting! Patook’s AI-powered flirt detector’ works by comparing messages to data from forums that post flirty messages. Using the AI technology, it identifies the message and doesn’t allow a user to send a message if it is deemed ‘flirty’. Patook allows you to assign points to specific traits you’re looking for in potential friends which helps find your mate matches.


Ever wanted to join like-minded individuals like yourself and learn how to code? Or chat about blockchain over a few cold ones? Meetup is the online community that allows you to do just that. Register to a group online and then meet in person the next time that group meets. Even with the hundreds of groups to choose from on Meetup, if there’s something specific you want to get into then create the group yourself and wait for people to join . Meetup was created to allow people to do more of what matters to them. Getting together with people in real life can make powerful things happen. Groups become opportunities, ideas become movements.


The best way to stay in touch with what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Whether it’s finding a last-minute childminder, planning an event in the local community or warning your neighbourhood about some updated safety tips. If Nextdoor is the answer, then the question must be how neighbourhoods can stay in better contact.

With a secure verification process, neighbourhoods can rest easy knowing that strangers won’t be allowed to register to their street until their data has been accepted.


A free mobile app that privately connects you to the most compatible people around you. By combining social science and machine learning (and just the small matter of 150 factors into consideration) to create the most advanced algorithm around, but like Patook remember this is for making friends only! Once the questions have been answered, We3 will begin to match you with group chats of 3 incredibly compatible people, currently, it only matches people of the same gender. Why 3? We3 believes meeting in groups of three is more conducive to forming new friendships than the awkward 1 on 1 “friend date”.

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