Five techology companies looking to take the North by Storm

Traditionally technology companies in the UK have tended to set up shop in the capital but in recent years this trend has now been replaced by companies looking to be based in the North. Statistically, 6 of the 14 ‘digital unicorns’ (start-ups with a value of over one billion USD) in the UK are based in the North West of England which demonstrates the incredible financial strength of the region. With this in mind, we look at five companies that are ready to take the North by storm.

Komodo Digital

Established in 2003, Newcastle-based Komodo Digital delivers reliable and modern solutions that focus on building sustainable commercial growth for their clients. With the expertise of their workforce, Komodo’s services include the development of apps, mobile, web, and UX design. Their roster of clients includes Northumbria Police, where they were tasked with designing a mobile app that could help streamline avenues of information and ease pressure on internal resources.

The past few years have seen the brand become one of the most recognisable technology brands in the Northeast, and with the importance that has been placed on technology due to the pandemic, this trend looks set to continue for Komodo Digital.

Scott Logic

Based within the computer software industry, Newcastle-born Scott Logic has over 300 UK-based consultants and describes themselves as “Pragmatists”, working with clients in building software and targeting solutions for complex organizational challenges. They have previously worked with the award-winning Saxo Bank and supported them through a period of expansion where they provided technical guidance and migrated their services to the modern approach of cloud architecture.

At the start of 2021, the company appointed its CEO Stephen Foreshew-Cain, to direct Scott Logic into a period of commercial growth whilst expanding the company’s client portfolio and solidifying its place amongst other great technology companies. Having now taken on office spaces in three other locations in the UK, Scott Logic indicates its vision to become a household name. Scott Logic will be one to pay close attention to for the future.

Godel Technologies

Godel Technologies, are a leading force with a mission to become “The most respected nearshore software development company in Europe” and this is evident in their various offices based in Bulgaria, Poland, and Ukraine – to name some. Godel Technologies specialises in services such as dev-ops, data engineering, and artificial intelligence. Godel Technologies has made its name from its exceptional software engineering and finds solutions to complex issues faced by businesses. places importance on exceptional software engineering and looks to find solutions to complex issues faced by businesses.

With an impressive client roster that includes the likes of Shell, Virgin Holidays, and, clearly Godel Technologies has a formula that works. With over 1000 employees in the organisation across Europe, the company rightfully is seen as a driving force within the software space.

Infinity Works

Listed as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies by the Financial Times, Infinity works delivers value through product engineering and specialises in methodologies driven by data. The company, which is part of Accenture, was originally based in Leeds but has rapidly grown since its conception in 2014 and now boasts offices in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh and has grown by 29% in the last year alone.

With the pandemic delivering a boom for technology companies, Infinity Works are experts in a range of sectors ranging from digital transformation to full-stack engineering and even bespoke cloud-built systems. Infinity Works has also previously worked with partners in the financial sector where they were briefed and then went on to develop a mobile banking app. With the backing of Accenture, Infinity Works looks set to continue its growth within the sector.


Chess has made great strides since they were first founded in 1993, the company employs over 300 skilled individuals which aim to improve businesses through world-class technology. Chess has won over 60 awards for its work and was listed as the ‘Public sector partner of the year’ by Sophos in 2021.

Cheshire-based Chess can boast an impressive client base ranging from working in the sports industry with Burnley Football Club, the health sector with the NHS, and Nottingham City Council where they developed their cybersecurity. The company is due to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023.

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