Sustainable swaps to spruce up your household

A recent study by retail giants John Lewis found that nearly a third of consumers (32%) said that brands aren’t doing enough to raise awareness of their sustainability credentials. This shocking statistic comes despite the fact that 51% of the same group expressed a desire to fill their homes with more sustainable products.

In a marketplace that is more competitive than ever in order to succeed it is no longer enough for brands to merely ‘say’ they are sustainable. To win over the minds and hearts of consumers a dedicated communications programme is vital in order to educate stakeholders about why your business is different, build brand equity and ultimately help consumers vote with their feet.

Here we shine a spotlight on five of the brands leading the sustainable household revolution.

The Cheeky Panda:
Founded in 2016, The Cheeky Panda is a rapidly growing business using the world’s fastest growing plant, Bamboo. Using bamboo as a sustainable and luxurious alternative to tree-based tissue the brand produce a range of household essentials from toilet paper and kitchen roll all the way through to bamboo straws.

Backed by over 4,000 investors, the brand’s rising popularity with consumers has helped prevent 250,000 trees from being chopped down around the globe and reduced plastic consumption by almost 10 tonnes.

Within every household, doing the laundry can be a pain to say the least but for the environmentally conscious, the plastic, water and electricity usage can provide a number of ethical complaints. EcoEgg was launched to minimise the environmental impact that doing the laundry and provide a range innovative products that can help households become more sustainable.

The brand’s flagship Laundry Egg product acts as a replacement for both detergent and fabric softener. All you have to do is insert the mineral pellets in to the egg, place it on top of your laundry and you’re away. This one sustainable swap can help eliminate up to 40 single-use plastic bottles per household each year.

Not many consumers need effective cleaning products more than those with new children. Raising a family is one of life’s messier journeys so finding cleaning products that can help overcome this but are also ethically sourced and don’t contain toxic chemicals can be a real challenge for consumers, one that founder Von Sy realised when his niece was born.

Nimble’s plant-based products are designed especially for parents and can clean everything from toys to nappies. The business is soon going to be celebrating its sixth birthday and is already stocked in supermarkets across the country.

A brand any avid Dragons Den fans will be familiar with, Homethings are transforming single-use cleaning products. Cleaning sprays produced by the big brands not only use single-use plastic, they are also 90% water which has an incredibly damaging impact on the environment through needless transportation.

Homethings’ non-toxic cleaning tabs completely revolutionise this process. Users simply have to combine water out of a tap at home with one of the brands’ innovative tabs (all in a re-usable bottle) and can spray away to their heart’s content. For every tab used consumers save one single-use plastic bottle, significantly less harmful CO2 and are also supporting a business on a mission to become carbon neutral. It’s a win-win!

Wild & Stone:
Wild & Stone are another business on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic. Producing a range of sustainable swaps including household, out-of-home and health & beauty products, Wild & Stone’s range is united by the use of sustainable and zero-waste ingredients. Offering everything from Beeswax Food Wrap through to re-usable makeup remover pads, the business offer a range of solutions for the conscious consumer.

Currently crowdfunding to support the next phase in their growth, Wild & Stone have hugely oversubscribed their latest round, receiving nearly £250,000 at the time of writing.

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