Spotlight on the Plant Based Conference & Expo

In recent years the plant-based food sector has seen rapid growth due to consumers becoming more health conscious and seeking sustainable food alternatives. This trend is estimated to continue with sales reaching approximately $80 billion worldwide by 2024.

The Plant Based World Conference & Expo was created as a unique opportunity for trade professionals to network and learn. With demand increasing there is a need for more plant-based products that consumers can enjoy and share, and this event is a great chance for established businesses and start-ups alike to target a wider audience.

The event will be held next weekend at the Business Design Centre and consists of seminars, cooking classes, an award ceremony, special events and more.

Many of the world’s most innovative plant-based businesses will be in attendance and here five businesses exhibiting this year that are changing the way we eat, one substitute at a time.


Biff’s is a restaurant chain and the UK’s largest vegan delivery and takeaway service with 30 locations across the UK. Founded by Biff and Christa Bloom-Burrows in 2017 their mission was to create the world’s most indulgent plant-based food. Since their inception as a food van Biff’s has grown quickly, cementing their status as a business to look out for.

Their products range from crispy jackfruit patties to vegan pizzas, perfect for consumers who want to eat clean but still enjoy their meals. The innovative brand also partnered with Brewdog to set up the world’s first and only all-vegan Brewdog bar and restaurant in Dalston, a great feat for a young business.

The Tofoo Company

The Tofoo Company was founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife David Knibbs and Lydia Smith with the purpose of creating a new and exciting tofu brand. They specialise in handmade tofu products made from water, soya beans and nigari.

Their ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure that they are natural and are 100% organic. With six products to choose from and stockists including Sainbury’s, Tesco’s and Waitrose customers are spoilt for choice on where to purchase their products.


Oggs provide plant-based alternatives for everyday foods. They launched their product range with the creation of Aquafaba a chickpea water-based substitute for eggs. They also produce vegan cakes and recently introduced melt-in-the middle vegan dessert puddings.

Oggs are constantly looking for new ways to improve their production process by working to ensure that every part of their supply chain is ethical and has a positive impact on the environment. Their packaging is either 100% recycled, plant-based or sustainably sourced. They also have a partnership with The Passage a homeless charity through which they can provide employment opportunities to vulnerable adults.

Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm produce vegan and plant-based meats including mince, burger patties and sausages. The business was founded in 2016 by Flexitarian Toft Bech, and their aim is to provide plant-based meat alternatives, targeting meat-eaters who want to reduce their meat consumption.

Naming themselves “Pioneers of tastes and texture” meatless farm is constantly experimenting with new flavours to provide customers with the best products. With global ambassadors ranging from British cyclist Mark Cavendish to Omari Mcqueen Britain’s youngest TV chef and restauranteur, Meatless Farm is nothing short of a great success story.


Vbites is a plant-based meat alternative manufacturer with 140 products and retails in 24 countries worldwide. Founded by Heather Mills a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, their mission is to deliver the taste and texture of meat, fish and dairy products to consumers.

They are big contributors to world food technology with 27 years of experience and use focused research and development to produce their meat substitutes. Having won over 20 international awards including best vegan meat at the Vegan Festival Awards UK 2017, Vbites’s success and longevity highlights their commitment to delivering quality products to their customers.

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