Spotlight on Tech Festival

Last week saw Printworks host Tech, a two-day festival of digital commerce. A key theme from the event included the digital collaborators, which covered how businesses can partner with other businesses to leverage expertise and gain competitive advantage.

The event saw over 500 companies presented their offering, 2000 attendees and over 180 speakers across the 48 hours. But we’re going to turn our attention to five of the best startups that exhibited.

Hastee Pay

Whether it’s rent money coming out at an unfortunate time of the month or having to save money for bills, personal finance issues can be problematic for most of us.

Hastee Pay, the award-winning employment benefit start-up are making this a thing of the past and actively giving the power back to the employee.

The innovative start-up allows employees to receive their pay immediately at any time during the month, empowering employees to take more control of their finances and provide more flexibility for people to manage their finances.


One of the pains of being in a management position can be going through all of your paper receipts from the previous month, worrying if you have logged everything which can take up valuable working time.

Receet is the hero you need – a mobile app platform that provides digital receipts for customers for any business transaction where a usual receipt would be required. You can easily find receipts to make a return, file taxes, or fill in a expense report by searching for the receipt on your smartphone.

By opting to use Receet you’re also committing to helping the environment by going paperless, so what are you waiting for? Get downloading!


An innovative navigation system with more accuracy than any other product currently on the market. PostTag takes a generic postcode and adds 3 digits to the end of it to give never before seen accuracy to delivery drivers. Meaning no more wrong deliveries or mishaps with your orders. It couldn’t be easier, all businesses need to do is plug the PostTag API into their system and away you go.

Once a customer has placed an order with your business the PostTag API will check, identify, verify and locate their address within milliseconds requiring no further questions to the customer.

Size Me Up

Started by two friends in Edinburgh, who had a discussion over how much cheaper and less time-consuming it would be to buy suits online but how hard it is to get the size that fits you properly.

But this is where the discussion stopped and the business idea began, when Svilen and Yanko when they dove a little deeper they found that the industry average for returned clothing from online shopping is at around 30% with sizing issues being one of the main contributing factors.

At the beginning of 2017, Size Me Up was born and soon the software development work began, currently the start-up is at beta application stage and looking for a partner in crime to dominate the world of clothing retail. We’re tipping 2020 to be a breakthrough year for them.


Meet the most complete online booking and scheduling solution that a business could ever need. Users can take appointments from any device in any timezone and in multiple languages. With full guidance and training as a given and the ability to work with existing processes you might have used prior, Appointedd is proving to be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve the slickness and professionalism of your business around.

Some previous examples of who Appointedd have worked with include household names such as Marks & Spencer and Westfield, Europe’s largest shopping mall.

Are you looking to upgrade your booking and scheduling system? You’d be foolish not to give Appointedd’s free trial a go.

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