Spotlight on ISPO Munich

Fitness and sport professionals from around the globe have virtually descended on Munich this week for the world’s biggest sport trade show, ISPO Munich.

Over 500 international exhibitors including Adidas, KASK, Salomon and Veloine have taken part in this year’s online show, to present new products and establish new retailers and buyers across the industry. The expo is well known around the world for providing an opportunity for attendees to expand their professional networks.

Aside from the brands exhibiting, there’s also over 180 keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops that attendees can tune into.

A new edition to this year’s expo is the use of a public stream, that has meant every day this week, fitness fanatics have had the opportunity to log on for free and listen to insights from athletes and try out fitness and workout programs online.

From a premium women’s cycling brand to a well-known wearable sports ring, we’ve taken a look at six brands who are exhibiting at this year’s show.


In just a matter of years, swiss based innovation-apparel company, X-Bionic has successfully managed to redefine the world of functional clothing. Known as the first company to adopt a highly scientific approach to textiles and how the material can help athletes use their energy resources more efficiently.

Since their inception, the brand has been internationally recognised for their products which include the well-known X-Socks and are well established in an array of sports including cycling, running, motorsports and winter sports.


A premium brand for women cycling apparel, which was first created in 2019. Veloine’s design has managed to blend high performance functional cutting-edge design with a fashionable contemporary style.

The purpose of Veloine is that it was created for modern, female cyclists who are dedicated to performance but also want to look the part too.

In its short history so far, the brand has gone from strength to strength and was made a finalist of the Eurobike 2019 Start-up Award and earlier this week won ISPO’s Brandnew Winner award.


After two years in the making, ArcX Technology has finally started to give us a sneak preview of the world’s first smart ring for sport.

The ArcX Sports ring which made its debut last month at CES 2021, allows users to track workouts, navigate playlists, take splits on the move without having to look at your phone and much more.

Watch this space, as 2021 promises to be a big year for ArcX Technology!

Hestra Gloves

A family run business that was originally created by Martin Magnusson & Co. in 1936 and is now run by the third and fourth generation of Magnussons. Even though the business produced over 2 million pairs of gloves in 2019 and has retailers in over 30 countries, the business still sticks to its roots with both design and development undertaken in the small Swedish village, Hestra.

Hestra Gloves should be seen as a glove for every day, as you would expect with any glove retailer, they provide warmth and protection in the most varied conditions. But unlike other glove retailers, Hestra Gloves can boast more than 400 styles.


Based in Italy, Kask specialises in developing, designing and manufacturing some of the best safety helmets on the market. Whether you’re looking to participate in skiing, cycling, mountaineering or even horse riding, Kask helmets are at the forefront of safety technology.

Whilst some of the Italian’s competitors in the marketplace have been formed for multiple decades, KASK is still a relatively young company having only been established in 2004. But this doesn’t stop them competing with the best in the industry, mainly thanks to a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy’s market-leading factories.

What this space to see what the future holds for KASK!

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