Smart saves technology companies that excite us the most

You’ve seen it on the news and felt it in your wallet –rising energy bills are showing no signs of subsiding and are causing concern for people in the UK and beyond. As we approach the winter months, many households and organisations are looking for smart technology companies that can help them save on their energy bills. An extract from a Government article claims that unleashing smart technology across the grid could create up to 24,000 UK jobs.

With energy, water and raw materials surging in price and scarcity, consumers are seeking technology that serves the triple purpose of saving costs, minimising environmental damage, and addressing more lightweight living preferences. With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), brands can now offer products with ultra-precise usage, as well as with multifunctional products and resource-saving new technologies.

Today we highlight six smart saves technology companies supporting UK households and businesses:


Powerstar is a smart savings and technology company helping consumers achieve their energy objectives. With over 20 years of experience helping businesses and organisations, the firm design and manufacture a range of cutting-edge energy technologies to protect your operations from power disruption whilst making your power as affordable and sustainable as possible.


Egg, who were launched in 2022 by parent company Liberty Global, are helping to inspire a clearer path to clean energy – helping their customers make better, green choices. The business is helping households overcome one of the key barriers to entry into the renewables market through an innovative pay monthly model. The firm offer a range of sustainable technologies including domestic EV charging, solar panels and battery energy storage.

Their standout Egg EV charger plan allows you to simply sign up to a charger plan and enjoy EV charging at home for under £30 per month with 0% APR. Their solar panels have gained huge traction over the past four months with enquiries rising by 830%, according to a recent Solar Power Portal article.


MakeMyHouseGreen use data & discussion to find the right solutions for households across the UK. Their modelling uses 1000s of data points to reveal how different solutions, such as solar, will work for each individual household. The chosen products will then be installed with their industry-leading installer network. Post-install, consumers will be given access to key documents through the platform with access to energy tracking to see how is being saved.

Chameleon Technology

Chameleon Technology is helping connect consumers to the new world of digital energy. They are a pioneer in smart energy technology, enabling low carbon technologies and optimising connected home solutions. Since 2010, the firm has been educating people to better understand their energy consumption. Their new ‘ivie’ app, is a free energy saving platform that lets users see exactly where and how they’re using energy in the home alongside personal energy-saving tips.


EcoFlow is an eco-friendly energy solutions company. Their mission is to reinvent the way the world generates, stores, and uses energy through sustainable construction. They create the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live, dream, and explore without limits. Their extensive product line ranges include portable power stations, solar generators, and portable solar panels.


Woltair is a Prague-based tech start-up who have built a digital platform to connect consumers who want to install sustainable energy solutions, such as heat pumps and solar panels, with installation and maintenance technicians. Woltair offers a tool that analyses the size and profile of a consumer’s home and recommends the best technological solution, together with details of achievable savings and available government subsidies.  According to an article from Swifted, the firm have raised €16.3m in a Series A funding to help Europeans heat and power their homes so are looking at an exciting future.

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