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We often think we are reducing our environmental impact when we chuck our plastic bottles in the recycling bin. Job done. However, it may come as a surprise to some that a great deal of our plastic cannot be recycled at all.

Although changing to a zero-waste lifestyle is daunting, and pretty much impossible for the average person, there are changes we can make to reduce our environmental impact. An easy place to start is opting for brands that are producing sustainable packaging or switching up your single use plastic for something that will last a little longer.

Whilst these small changes may not feel like much, it’s an important baby step toward a greater goal.

Here are five brands creating sustainable products and packaging:

Roberts Bakery

Roberts Bakery has become the UK’s first bakery company to switch to 100% recyclable packaging for its Bloomer range. The wrapping is recyclable paper with a recyclable clear film, which means it can be put into the home recycling when done.

Roberts Bakery’s plastic usage has been cut by 53% since moving to its new packaging and the brand intends to move to fully paper wrappers in the future with the plan to extend the new packaging to other product lines.

With an estimated 10,700 tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic wasted by UK bakeries each year we salute their commitment to making all their packaging recyclable or compostable as soon as possible and hope other bread-makers follow suit.

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BeeBee Wraps

BeeBee Wraps are a great alternative to clingfilm and plastic bags. The beeswax wraps are plastic-free and reusable so you can wrap your food, wash once finished, and repeat.

The start-up claims to have saved over 10,497,600 pieces of planet polluting plastic entering the natural world since their humble beginnings in 2016.

BeeBee Wraps also work with carefully chosen partners to create co-branded wraps. As part of Sky’s Plastic Free Pop Up shop on Carnaby Street and via their online shop, BeeBee Wraps created the Sky Ocean Rescue wraps with prints designed by Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Fearne Cotton, and Cara Delevingne.

All wraps are made with organic cotton, UK beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil allowing food to breathe and helping it stay fresh for longer.

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Healthy Human

Healthy Human’s mission is to inspire people to Live Life Healthy and contribute towards a healthier planet by reducing our use of plastic. The brand’s products include water bottles, cruiser tumblers and metal straws, all of which are plastic-free and reusable.

Not only are Healthy Human’s products good for the planet but when founder, Richard Stanton, set to designing his water bottle he considered everything from ensuring the mouth was large enough for ice cubes, designing a comfortable 3-finger carry lid and guaranteeing bottles keep drinks either hot or cold.

Healthy Human’s are also dedicated to giving back to the community with their ‘Adopt A Highway’ campaign, beach clean-up participations, and many more.

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Pela have created biodegradable phone cases. Due to the average person keeping their phone for 18-24 months there is an insuperable amount of plastic waste just from phone cases alone. Jeremy Lang, Pela founder, decided that he wanted to change this and created a compostable phone case with a zero-waste screen protector.

Thanks to Pela more than 528,112 people have made the switch keeping more than 290,461 pounds of plastic from being produced.

The start-up has raised more than $125,000 for their 1% for the Planet partners and are working towards raising $250,000 to help protect the US coastlines, oceans, parks and wild animals.

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Stasher creates an alternative to plastic tupper wear boxes with their endless reusable and functional platinum-silicone storage bags.

Useful, reusable, and non-toxic, Stasher bags end the tyranny of lids with their patented Pinch-Loc seal and compact design. Consumers can pick from an array of sizes all of which are durable, microwave and dishwasher safe and oven strong.

Their use doesn’t end in the kitchen, Stasher bags can be used for toiletries when travelling, kid’s art pens, electronics at the beach and even a heating pack.

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