Six industries blockchain is disrupting

Traditionally blockchain and cryptocurrency have been synonymous with the banking and the financial industry but as technology evolves, exciting new blockchain solutions are beginning to appear in more mainstream industries.

From the construction to healthcare and event ticketing services, we’ve taken a look at six of the best.


One in four people live in unsuitable or unaffordable housing, whilst one in eight live in slums. The issue of inadequate housing is a worldwide epidemic.

Ehab is a blockchain-based data platform which is hoping to drive efficiency throughout the planning, development and construction process to make sustainable forms of housing more viable.

Their data platform has integrated blockchain technologies as part of the project management system so that automation can be used in the development process and help to build clarity.

Vault Platform

Did you know that 75% of workplace misconduct goes unreported? Enter Vault Platform whose solo mission is to keep companies and their employees safe.

By harnessing the highest security standards, Vault creates a secure, safe and private zone which is owned by the user, where they can record, report and resolve misconduct in a technically secure, efficient and legally sound way.

Although currently in stealth mode, we’re predicting that 2020 will be a big year for this startup.


A revolutionary platform that gathers revenues for films of all sizes from everywhere in the world including TV channels, cinemas, online platforms and even DVDs.

The platform then distributes the money to the people who were involved in the creation of the film, so whether that’s financiers, producers, crew staff or even the actors they all get paid exactly what they are owed.

The blockchain technology allows for full transparency over the movie revenues and gives instant access to the funds which have been earned.


Looking to revolutionise the healthcare industry is Medicalchain. A decentralised platform, it allows patients to create a user-focused electronic health record that can be sent directly to multiple physicians for online consultations.

Medicalchain promises no privacy will ever be lost and is dedicated to empowering patients and improving outcomes.

Citizen Ticket

The Edinburgh based startup is a ticketing platform with a difference, Citizen Ticket is a blockchain-powered solution which is fighting ticket fraud and touting and providing a platform for one million event organisers worldwide. Making a positive global impact in the process.

For every ticket purchased on their platform, 5p goes towards planting a tree in the UK, this way after hundreds of years have passed, it’s legacy will still live on. Since July of this year, 104 trees have been pledged.


Run by former law-enforcement agents and computer scientists, Elliptic is here to reveal the truth behind Bitcoin activity. The Elliptic software can be found in some of the world’s largest banks and Bitcoin exchanges, monitoring billions of dollars in transactions every month.

The software itself is used to identify and investigate Bitcoin’s role in cases of terrorist financing, arms trafficking, blackmail and child pornography. These are the people who find the truth in data.


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