Six companies to keep an eye out for at MAD//Fest London

This week, the sold-out MAD//Fest London will be taking place. The event has over 150+ renowned guest speakers ranging from global creative leaders to young innovators of some of the world’s most recognisable brands within the marketing and advertising industry.

One of our clients, Takumi is a sponsor of the event and will be presenting a seminar to talk about the launch of Flourish, an initiative to support people who are under-represented in the advertising industry get their first big break.

MAD//Fest provides an opportunity for an array of exciting businesses to be discovered and this year is no different, we’ve taken a look at six companies and their guest speakers that we think are worth keeping an eye out for.

Good Loop

Amy Williams is the CEO and founder of the ethical online advertising platform ‘Good Loop’. She has been recognised in Forbes 30 under 30 for her entrepreneurial efforts as well as previously being the face of the United Nations #sheinnovates global campaign.

Good Loop was founded in 2016 and is the only advertising technology company to achieve B corporation status placing importance on their purpose of working ethically alongside profit. The company has a core focus on charitable causes, whereby they donate 50% of each ad revenue to charities worldwide.

Good Loop has partnered with global brands such as Coco-Cola, Amazon, and H&M to name a few, whilst running over 100 million ads per month. Having recently launched in the US, the company hopes to achieve its goal of driving growth for the foreseeable future and will be definitely one to look out for at MAD//Fest London.

Picnic Bank

Picnic Bank is a UK-based start-up bank in the fintech industry. The company offers three account tiers: ‘eco-concierge’ which encourages users to adopt greener lifestyles, secondly ‘fintech for good’ toolbox which makes users aware of their overdraft through alerts and lastly Picnic’s ‘Bank Suite’ which is concentrating on debt rebuilding.

According to the website, Picnic Bank is actively looking to collaborate with innovative individuals and organisations who wish to make positive change and find solutions to real-world problems with the aid of cutting-edge technology.

The company has plans of expanding and launching into other markets such as the Netherlands, Brazil, India, and Mexico.

Green Jinn

Giuseppe Licari and Roberto Amerighi are the co-founders of the successful GreenJinn app which is a free cashback app designed to help grocery shoppers save money on products in UK supermarkets. Having received over £380,000 worth of funding, including an investment from the chairman of tech giant Logitech, both CEOs moved to London to develop the app further and make disruptions in the market.

Since being founded in 2014, GreenJinn has made great advances and now works with some of the largest UK supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, and Asda.

With the average UK household spending £3,312 annually in 2020 on groceries, the app has landed at the perfect time and allows its users to get cashback from their weekly shop.

Additionally, they have gone a step further and have now also begun to work with non-supermarket brands such as Holland and Barrett and Superdrug demonstrating their intent for the future.


As the founder at UK Charity Digilearning, Lisa Goodchild was listed in the top 100 influential British entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to reach a million young people by 2024 and believes technology is the key to bring societal equality.

As one of the trusted mentors for gargantuan organisations such as Google and Virgin, Lisa Goodchild is making waves as one of the forefront female tech visionaries.

Digilearning has entered the educational technology space and caters to young people from as early as 5 years old up to 26 and helps enable them with the essential skills to thrive in the digital creative space such as AI, virtual reality, and robotics.

With the experience of working with globally recognised brands such as The Financial Times, TikTok, and the BBC, the charity offers mentorship and workshops to help elevate the next generation of young tech enthusiasts.


Ruairidh Roberts is the UK country manager and business operations lead where he is responsible for working closely with advertising partners of real-time navigation app Waze. Ruairidh has a wealth of previous experience, notably at the New York Times and previously working at Google as the senior head of travel.

Waze was founded in 2007 and was created as a free navigation app that relies on its vast number of users to record updates such as accidents, police speed enforcement, and build-up of traffic.

As of last year, Waze has grown to 140 million monthly users who drive 20 billion monthly miles and have shown no indication of slowing down.

ProQuo AI

Nadim Sadek is a marketing entrepreneur and CEO of brand management platform ProQuo AI. In 1993, Nadim founded Sadek Wynberg Research which was later acquired by WPP. Aside from the corporate world, he is an artist manager at ‘Off the Record’ music label and describes this as his “greatest thrill.”

ProQuo AI was born in 2017 to help brands to grow in competitive markets. With the benefit of AI, in unprecedented fashion, the users of the platform can see the impact of their campaigns and are given real-time analysis which provides them with opportunities to grow distribution and calculatedly penetrate the market. Earlier this year, the company was given a 5 million investment and will look to use these finances in their next stage of growth.

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