Research & Whitepapers

Creating or commissioning market research is a key to unlocking real insight that speaks to your stakeholders and defines your market position. It has the power to generate headlines, engage prospects and position you in a competitive market as an organisation that has the inside track. Our teams can help you craft and deliver informed, original research to market and move the conversations you want to have forward.

Research & Whitepapers

Market research may feel like the tool that informs your business strategy – but it can also be used as a tactic to propel your position forward in the eyes of stakeholders from media to investors.

Our experts will work with you to craft ideas for high-quality research and then use our relationships in the media to deliver meaningful cut-through for the findings. Research into their industry allows brands to speak directly to their audience, control the narrative and influence and challenge perceptions. Our in-house experts have the experience to develop campaigns which have research at their heart, and we work back from the headlines to ensure results.

Using research within your PR campaign is an effective way to promote a brand in the media, but there are endless ways the data can be used. Whether it is providing shareable content through social media campaigns, website copy, blog posts or keynote speeches, the data we collate has a shelf life long after it has been launched, to build long term credibility.

Proprietary data

Many businesses are sitting on a wealth of data and insight – they just need help to analyse and structure it. We can work with your internal leads to request specific data sets, patterns and comparisons. This can be woven into press content and crafted into whitepapers and research that unveil trends in a sector, or in audience behaviour. We also have access to global data tools that can supplement proprietary data and build a bigger picture of global business trends.

Research & surveys

Working with third-party consumer and corporate research bodies we can develop fully compliant methodologies, survey questions and focus group structures that get to the heart of any issue you’d like to understand. We fully manage this process to ensure respondents to any research are relevant, and that we’re asking the right questions for a robust data set to inform communication strategies. Conducting research and surveys demonstrates that a brand is serious about understanding its target audience and adds a unique, owned angle to any ongoing debate in the public eye.

Sharing research and survey findings with industry influencers and journalists can also help build relationships and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.


Presenting research findings in a compelling and digestible manner is essential. Depending on the purpose and audience, this could mean creating social media graphics of pertinent statistics, quote cards or videos highlighting contributors, or longer form whitepapers to take to policy makers, industry and partners. A persuasive whitepaper will present a problem and offer a solution based on research and your expert analysis – and compel action as well as building your authority. We can help craft your research into an owned content format so that it can sit on your channels and play a part in your growth beyond the launch moment.

"We were really impressed with results from our partnership with PHA. The team went to great lengths to understand our positioning and target market, help refine our messaging, and use their understanding of the legal press to target the right journalists and deliver two highly successful campaigns for the ContractWorks brand.”
Mark Rhodes
Managing Director, Contractworks
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