Presentation skills training

Prepare. Practice. Perform. Whether you’re new to presenting and want to build strong foundations, or you’re a seasoned speaker looking to sharpen your existing skillset, our bespoke presentation skills training equips you to make an impact. As the spokesperson for a business, cause or campaign, it’s essential that you are confident, equipped and ready to take advantage of opportunities when they arise – you only get one shot at making a first impression. From conference panel sessions and keynote speeches through to investor or internal pitching, the strength of your presentation could be worth millions to your organisation.

Presentation skills training

All of our executive coaching sessions are fully bespoke and crafted around you and your objectives. Our flexible approach is designed to give you the most effective preparation in an environment that’s as close to the scenario you’ll face as possible – whether that’s a boardroom or a zoom call.

As a spokesperson, you could be called upon to present across a number of scenarios. From pitching to potential investors, presenting financial results and delivering keynote speeches, to presenting the company strategy to your internal team. Whatever the situation, the difference between presenting brilliantly or badly can have a direct impact on commercial outcomes for the organisation. Our presentation skills training sessions will give you the tools you need to perform.

Our design team can also help you create visually engaging presentation materials to present online, or on the stage.

The presentation scenarios we can help you prepare for:

  • Investor pitching
  • Industry panels/Q&As
  • Keynote speeches
  • Virtual presentations
  • Delivering financial results
  • Appearing before a Parliamentary Select Committee

How our presentation skills training works:

Our half-day courses, crafted one-to-one or in a group setting, can be delivered in a fully-equipped studio, virtually via Zoom, or in an immersive environment for a truly authentic experience.

A typical leadership coaching session is split into two parts. We’ll start with a discussion about the theory of presentation best practice, and your specific goals or hurdles. Then it’s all about doing it for real.

We’ll perform a dry run of your presentation scenario on camera which we’ll then analyse in detail. We’ll give honest, unbiased feedback: did you hit your key messages? Was the tone and pacing right? Was it engaging for the audience? What impression did you make? You’ll then have the opportunity to refine and re-run.

What we cover in presentation training (that you won’t get from colleagues):

  • Preparing effectively for presenting, both in-person and virtual
  • Unbiased best practice tips – based on thousands of interviews and events
  • Presenting in a way that engages your audience and establishes your own authentic voice
  • Understanding and refining your key messages and how to deliver them with cut-through
  • Recognising the different audiences you may present to and what they want from you
  • Tips and techniques for effective Q&A
  • Body language dos and don’ts
  • Independent, external feedback & peer review – help you step out of a subject matter bubble
  • Actionable feedback on slide decks and communications material
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