Five running brands to get you on the move

For most of us, after a period of over-indulgence in December, January is the month we get back running and fitness becomes our number one priority. 

Throughout lockdowns one, two and everything in between, many running brands have came to the fore as everyday consumers look for ways to stay fit in the absence of gyms and maintain their overall wellbeing.

While the market has traditionally been dominated by an exclusive list of big-name players there are now a number of brands taking real strides forward and driving genuine innovation for the benefit of both amateur and professional athletes around the world.

We take a look at some of this year’s most exciting running brands.

More Mile

A brand’s name can often tell you a lot about the ethos of the business, this is certainly the case with More Mile. Their name is a symbol for their attitude, which is a refusal to be satisfied with performance, a need to continually improve.

Founded in 2001 by a team of passionate runners in Newcastle upon Tyne, these are trainers made for runners by runners.

All their products are tested to make sure they’ll have you performing at your best for whatever the occasion, so whether it’s a 5k personal best, or a daily gym workout, you’ll be performing in your More Mile trainers.


Forged in the mountains of the British Lake Distrist, for over 15 years inov-8 has been one of the world’s prominent all-terrain footwear brands and a world leader in grip. Currently operating in over 60 countries, inov-8 specialise in creating products for participants from both the recreational and performance zones.

With Innov8 inspiration for new products always comes back their primary objective to support an athletes’ interaction with the environment. With this in mind, kit is always designed to be light and fast.

They’re known for being the only brand in the world to use patent-pending graphene grip (the world’s toughest grip) technology in their trail running, cross fitness and fast-hike categories.


On a mission to change the footwear industry once and for all is Vivobarefoot. Did you know 70% of your brain’s information for movement comes from thousands of nerves in the soles of your feet? This means the more your feet can feel the ground, the greater your body’s understanding of its surroundings and natural movement it is.

Vivabarefoot is the first minimalist shoe that combines an ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole that offers maximum sensory feedback and maximum protection.

Also all footwear products are produced in a sustainable fashion using recycled, locally sourced materials from independently monitored ehtical factories.

Hoka One One

Like Innov8, the idea for Hoka One One was cultivated in the mountains by co-founders Jean-Luc & Nico.

The original goal with Hoka One One was to create a running shoe that could go downhill faster, as this was a clear strategy to help endurance runners improve their race times.

Co-founders Jean-Luc & Nico brought their experience in gravity sports and passion for trail running together to inadvertently reinvent the running shoe.

Initially, Hoka One One’s ‘form-follows-function model for their trainers was ridiculed by many within the running industry. Luckily it was embraced by runners themselves, and when those runners began winning races, the running shoe establishments who had initially ridiculed started paying attention.

With all their designs, ‘How do we go faster?’ is always a question at the forefront of their creative process. If you’re after a pair of trail running trainers that will help you to deliver your personal best, look no further than Hoka One One.


So, whilst all the shoes so far in this list have focused on performance and helping you to reach your peak. It shouldn’t be overlooked that it’s not just the trainers that will make you faster. Sometimes the best thing for going faster is giving your body time to fully recover.

Oofos specialise in creating footwear that helps you recover so that you can get back to your personal best. Normally the foam in performance running shoes is designed to rebound and push you forward, Oofos shoes do the exact opposite.

By absorbing 37% more impact, this plays a major role in reducing stress and pressure on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

The shoes have also been reported to offer considerable relief to runners who suffer from common running conditions including Plantar Fasciitis. Due to the increased impact absorption that Oofos offer their shoes also help with the circulation and provides superior arch support to normal shoes.

Get ready to have very cushioned and supported feet!

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