Ones to watch: smart city tech innovators

With Mobile World Congress 2018 just over a week away, the world’s spotlight is once again on the technology world.

Industry 4.0 will be a big theme this year as the IoT continues to connect us to our surroundings, further fuelling the rise of smart cities and buildings.

With the smart city industry predicted to be worth $1.2 billion by 2022, being an innovator in this space is a very exciting place to be right now.

Here’s our five ‘ones to watch’…


Shotl is a demand responsive transport system that brings together groups of passengers going the same way, and links them with a moving vehicle. It is more like a new twist on a bus line than a taxi service. Users of the app submit a request and are given information about their specific place for pick-up.

This Spanish start-up’s aim is to reduce the use of private vehicles in cities by 10% over the next 5 years. Sounds good to us!

Mr Bubo

Mr-Bubo is an incident management platform which promotes active participation. Spotted a missing fire extinguisher in a public building? Seen a dangerous hazard or a potential issue? Flag it on the app and tag the location so it can be addressed ASAP.

Participation, communication, transparency is the name of Mr Bubo’s game.


Do you live in an apartment or residential block in a city? Do you get frustrated when your friends or family drive over and there’s never anywhere for them to park?

Parkle could be the answer. This online platform connects you to your neighbours and lets you rent, or rent out private parking spaces. Efficient, simple and free registration.


Being let down by your mobile network can be infuriating and most of the time you haven’t got the time or patience to ring a call centre to report it.

Spatialbuzz arms MNOs with the tools to monitor networks 24/7 and respond to customer network issues in lightning fast speed. Using telecoms apps powered by Spatialbuzz, customers are able to highlight areas where there are issues with minimum fuss.

Customers are kept in the picture of what is happening to fix connectivity problems from diagnosis to resolution, and care teams are given tools to monitor customer dissatisfaction in real time.

Happier customers and more efficient networks – sounds like a win, win.


This handy app is great for connecting and empowering communities. You can suggest ideas for your local area, speak to your elected officials and vote for and comment on ideas posted by other citizens.

It also lets you contact partners to help get local projects underway, as well as receive local news and events directly on your smartphone.


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