Namaste to your favourite yoga brands

Yoga isn’t just an exercise class it’s a form of life for people all around the globe. It releases stress from the body, it helps you find clarity through the power of meditation and eliminates tension with self-healing techniques. But before committing to practising yoga, it is important to know you have the correct gear. We’ve looked at the yoga brands we believe are the ones to watch in 2019.

Dharma Bums

Since its inception in 2013, Australian based yoga brand Dharma Bums has been well received in the yoga community. Taking only 18 months for the business to turn over $4 million in revenue. Fast forward to 2019 and Dharma Bum’s rise shows no signs of faltering, after cracking the UK market and becoming one of the go-to yoga brands.

The concept of Dharma Bums initially came from founder Debbie Lawson, who at the time believed that practices used to manufacture yoga and activewear clothing didn’t align with her own values. Debbie felt inspired to do better.

The ethical brand lives by 11 core principles of the code of conduct which includes not discriminating, decent working hours and fair wages.


Established in 2002, meet the original athleisure. Asquith using eco fabrics such as bamboo which is a sustainable and environmentally low-impact fabric. It’s also ideal for activewear due to it being naturally anti-bacterial and breathable.

The Asquith designs enhance yoga and Pilates practice but are also perfect for everyday use. Asquith clothes are manufactured in a wonderful family-run factory in southern Turkey, like Dharma Bums, Asquith are committed to making sure employees enjoy a 9-5 day and paid holidays.


Since 2011 Gossypium have been creating yoga and activewear made from sustainable fabrics that allow customers to feel good inside and out. All their products are made to order and are manufactured in their workshop located on the edge of the South Downs National Park in East Sussex by their small team of dedicated craftspeople.

Working in association with yoga teachers and fitness instructors, each garment is designed to allow a natural fit and move with your body.


Lead by Yoga enthusiast and dancer, Aanika Chopra, Yogamasti is now a global brand and has been featured at 20 shows around the world. Not only is the clothing comfy it’s also hand painted for a unique style. Aanika herself has committed to a life of yoga having mastered Hatha Relax and Hatha Power, she has also successfully incorporated both dance and yoga into her practices in an exciting form called Yogic Dance.

From eco mats to meditation scarves to gift vouchers for your friends and family, Yogamasti has it all, if you’re into yoga this is the brand for you.

M-Life London

There’s an interesting story behind the inception of M-Life involving the founder, Leonie Ellyatt. Leonie’s grandmother taught her to dream and how to be individual, it is because of her grandmother, Rana, that she created M-Life formerly known as Manuka Life. Leonie dedicated M-Life London to her grandmother. Rana believed in women with real needs, something Leonie wants to preserve.

Passionate about creating lifestyle-inspired, high-quality apparel and accessories to support individuals on their spiritual and physical well-being journey. Perfectly suited for both yoga and Pilates

M-Life aims to create sustainable and non-toxic products including eco-friendly yoga and Pilates accessories, such as fitness balls and body bands. As a business they are 6P free, which is a hazardous chemical called phthalates (a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic).

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