MOVE 2020: Companies we’re excited to see

One of the world’s most important mobility events, MOVE 2020, is on at the London ExCel this week. The event brings together hundreds of companies that are disrupting the mobility space with their technology, and we are looking forward to heading there ourselves to hear about all of the latest developments in the mobility space and meet the companies leading the way.

Improving the environment

One of the biggest challenges facing every company, but particularly mobility companies, is how they reduce their emissions and become more environmentally sustainable. With this in mind, it’s not a big surprise then that a number of new companies are popping up to try and tackle this huge problem.

One of the ones we’re looking forward to seeing at MOVE 2020 is Airly, which has the vision to create the most innovative and effective tools for measuring air quality and providing the most reliable, real-time data about pollution to the largest possible number of people. It uses sensors to gather information about the nature of air pollution in a particular area, and it’s this knowledge that helps local authorities plan and implement air quality improvement.

Another company is Eiver, which uses gamification to challenge and reward people who improve their driving technique to make it safer and more environmentally friendly. Each trip generates experience points and credits that drivers can turn into discounts on partner offers. By taking part in challenges with exceptional prizes, drivers win ‘trophies’ and ultimately become safe-driving champions over time too.

Charging equipment

As electric cars become more popular in our society, so does the need for more accessible car charging points and options. Two companies at MOVE 2020 looking to solve this issue are Charge Fairy and Bookmycharge.

Charge Fairy – set to launch in 2020 – helps out people who can’t charge their vehicle at home, for example, if they don’t have a driveway, are time-poor or keep finding that public charging spaces are busy. Through its subscription service, the driver connects their car with Charge Fairy’s smart systems, which then monitors the car’s battery and uses its AI to predict how much charging is required. When your vehicle needs a top-up, the company will come and charge your car for you – even while you’re asleep – so that you never have to worry about charging again.

Bookmycharge is also trying to eliminate the current pain points around EV charging, recognising the hit-and-miss nature of current public charging infrastructure. It allows people to know when and where they can charge, and brings greater range and charging options to vehicle owners.  The company hopes to become as smooth as Airbnb, but for EV charging.


Bike companies are an increasingly large player in the mobility space, and this year will be no different. There’s a number of different bike/e-bike companies visiting MOVE 2020, with the likes of Vello Bike (the self-charging folding electric bike), SHARK-bike (a perfect hybrid between an electric car and electric bike), Comodule (a leading bicycle and scooter connectivity), Cargoroo (a cargo e-bike giving more seats and capacity), and Cycl (bike and scooter safety accessories) standing out to us for how they’re changing the usual expectation on what a bike is.

Aside from the companies making and distributing bikes, we also like the look of Bikemap, which is the world’s biggest bike route collection. The company helps keen cyclists of all experience levels find the best route for them – whether it’s on a mountain bike, cross bike, e-bike, or road bike.

Re-thinking delivery

Peyk is set to transform delivery as we know it, providing an instant 24/7 courier service platform that it claims is the fastest and most cost-effective way to send anything from A to B. Through the platform, you can request a Peyker to collect and deliver whatever it is you need – be it forgotten keys, baked goods and more, all at any time. The company use only mopeds and cycles to ensure speedy delivery and have unique security labels and seals as well as digital signing for your peace of mind.

Better parking

Finally, parking in any city is a nightmare, but AlterMobili is helping change that, with its ALMO app that lets you find parking in the city through the help of others. It finds you readily available spaces, but also parking that will be cleared in 60 seconds so you can swoop in before others do. It also remembers where you parked your car for those who are a bit more forgetful.

These are just a few of the hundreds of companies that will be at MOVE 2020, and with so many innovations, we’re looking forward to meeting more of the fascinating mobility companies at the show. If you’re attending the show and would like to meet and discuss how PR could improve your mobility company’s awareness, get in touch with our team today. 

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