Maintaining relationships with influencers

The use of influencers to support marketing strategies has become a lucrative and effective way of communicating with a brand or businesses target audience. As communications professionals, we work hard to find the right fit for our brand and agree terms, but just as important is striking the right relationship and maintaining it. Read our top tips for maintaining relationships with your influencers.

  1.  Getting the perfect match

An influencer’s following and image need to be relevant to the product, brand or business they’re being asked to promote. It’s important to strike the perfect match between individual and business to be deemed authentic, influential and reach the desired audience. There is little value in using an influencer if their following doesn’t match the demographic you’re trying to reach. Make sure you do your research, if in doubt ask them for a breakdown.

2. Give influencers creative freedom

Influencers know there following and what gets the best results. It’s important they maintain their authenticity across their social media platforms. Remember that authenticity is why you hired them in the first place. Try to avoid setting an overly structured content plan, set out clear objectives and come to an agreement on what you are trying to achieve out of each post.

3. Agree expectations

Expectations need to be agreed in full prior to the campaign launch. If a business is hoping to engage with a demographic the influencer needs to know this upfront to help tailor their posts. The more information you can give the better. Don’t forget to check social media regulations before the campaign goes live. Sponsored posts, for example, should be flagged on platforms such as Instagram with #Ad which might need to be factored into your content strategy.

4. Nurture your relationship

You work hard to find the right influencer so remember they are real people too. It’s important to ensure you nurture and respect the professional relationships you have with them. Sharing results and keeping them up to date with the progress of the campaign or simply inviting them to your brand events and launches. It’s a great way of making sure they continue to be involved in the progress of the brand or business and keeps them engaged with your company ethos and achievements.

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