London: The US’s rival blockchain hub and who to watch out for in 2019

Historically, technology-heavy places such as Silicon Valley, Seattle and Washington have helped America become the go-to nation for cutting-edge technology. Budding entrepreneurs would commit to moving to the states to follow their dreams and work alongside like-minded colleagues.

But what if they don’t need to move to America? Over the last few years, London has emerged as a major financial capital for emerging technologies like blockchain and AI.

Savvy entrepreneurs in the industry have wised up and started to follow the trend, moving their blockchain focused startups to the UK. A mixture of more relaxed regulations, better access to capital and global banking systems and a stronger law system than in the US, are some of the main attraction for setting up shop here in the UK.

We take a look at five blockchain companies based in London that are ready to take the capital by storm.


The organisation taking the fight to the monopolising big firms over cloud services. DADI promise fast, secure and affordable web services on a decentralized cloud system. Users can look forward to being able to build, store and access content on the DADI network all while saving an estimated 50 – 90% on price compared to the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google.


Looking to revolutionise the healthcare industry is Medicalchain. A decentralised platform, it allows patients to create a user-focused electronic health record that can be sent directly to multiple physicians for online consultations. Medicalchain promises no privacy will ever be lost and is dedicated to empowering patients and improving outcomes.

VChain Technology

Nobody likes standing in queues at the airport, especially not the CEO of VChain, Irra Ariella Khi. That’s why the startup has focused its attention on creating a system that will allow people to ‘glide through’. VChain connects each human to a digital identity as unique as their DNA. VChain believes this will help airlines and governments immediately verify people’s identity; which is done by instantaneously examining the reputation of your travel documents against a distributed database.


Whether it’s for a sellout football match or once in a lifetime Ed Sheeran tickets, ticket touting has become an epidemic in recent years. Event organisers have found it extremely tough to regulate authentic tickets, especially on a large scale. In one of the first real-world applications of blockchain technology, BitTicket intends to put an end to ticket touting. They don’t want to disrupt the industry but simply become part of the buyer’s journey and provide greater security. Users can have confidence that their ticket is genuine even if it’s purchased from a stranger.


Run by former law-enforcement agents and computer scientists, Elliptic is here to reveal the truth behind Bitcoin activity. The Elliptic software can be found in some of the world’s largest banks and Bitcoin exchanges, monitoring billions of dollars in transactions every month. The software itself is used to identify and investigate Bitcoin’s role in cases of terrorist financing, arms trafficking, blackmail and child pornography. These are the people who find the truth in data.

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