London Tech Week – Ones to Watch!

London Tech Week, established in 2012 for the UK to hold the torch as Europe’s Tech Capital, has been a thriving annual event that brings together major players in the industry. This year, it hasn’t let COVID-19 diminish its flame. Launched on the 1st September, we’re over half way through and the event is paving the way for the new normal. Here is some of the tech that has stood out for us so far.


Livi is the platform that’s changing the face of general practice healthcare. The company provides trusted digital care for patients by enabling them to see a GP by video in minutes, on their mobile or tablet. We all know the NHS has been incredible throughout this pandemic and technology like this can help to alleviate some of the strain. The Livi app helps patients of partner practices to book and attend appointments virtually from the safety of their home, and to get professional medical advice, prescriptions delivered locally and referrals to a specialist if necessary.


If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the power of community. Nextdoor is the social media app which connects neighbour to neighbour by postcode, and allows users to post community news and ask questions. The app has been a lifesaver for many people living alone during lockdown; it has connected neighbours who are lonely with those in big families, and has helped those in need ask for extra supplies like groceries. In a city like London it can seem difficult to approach our neighbours for help, but this certainly makes it feel so much easier!

Good Monday

Good Monday is changing the world of office work with a new generation of workspaces. It helps businesses stay on top of workspace management and sources the best office services powered by local providers to increase their Employee Happiness factor. The platform also runs Club Monday, a networking club for its clients to exchange learnings on Workspace Experience and share ideas about the future of office working. With the pandemic making many businesses rethink their office space, we expect big things from Good Monday to make every Monday a good one.

Thribe app

One of the biggest (and unintentional) trends to come out of lockdown has been longer locks than we usually sport. When hairdressers reopened there was a booking frenzy. Thribe app is the platform which enables women from multicultural backgrounds to book hair and beauty services on demand. With ambitions to become the Amazon of hair and beauty, Thribe app is one of the businesses that coronavirus has presented new opportunities for. While many companies have had to pivot their operations, Thribe app is paving the way for technology to steer the future of salon treatments in the beauty industry.

Upskill Digital

Another lockdown trend that couldn’t be avoided has been virtual conferences and training. Anyone who has been working remotely knows the importance of having access to resources, and Upskill Digital is committed to shaping a world where everyone can use technology to improve their skills and create new opportunities. The company offers virtual training on everything from AI training for business leaders right through to Microsoft Teams training, and empowers employees and in-house trainers to become Digital Champions, so everyone has the opportunity to upskill at every level. As remote working continues to rise, it’s great to see businesses like this thrive under the circumstances.

We look forward to hearing from all the companies speaking during the remainder of London Tech Week. If you’ve been tuning in and would like to discuss PR, get in touch.

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