London Fintech Week 2018

That time of year has come around once again – The 5th edition of the London Fintech Week has arrived. LFW 2018 aim is to enhance the dialog between established multi-nationals, innovation firms, disruptive start-ups, governments, media and investors through a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops and meetups.

As the momentum and disruption in financial services continues, we’ve picked out some of our favourite companies we are most looking forward to seeing this week.

A hiring platform for blockchain developers and coders who want to enter the blockchain industry. The recruitment industry always depended on the honesty of the candidate, the disruptive blockchain technology verifies the validity of the candidate’s credentials providing a higher level of insight and accuracy.


Gooruf is a social platform that connects users and the financial services world. The finance sector has historically been atypical in the way its businesses compete amongst one another – mostly the big companies stay big and the smaller companies stay small. This sort of site could change this by helping potential customers understand more about each company in a comparative way – it shows that the industry is becoming more embracive of digital innovation.


Helping financial institutions to stay ahead in compliance. The world of compliance has changed dramatically. New EU directives on AML, KYC and UBO are constantly keeping banks on their toes, particularly with cases continuing to emerge like Panama and Paradise papers. Also, the new EU 5th Money Laundering Directive specifically addresses the regulation of cryptocurrencies and financial institutions are in desperate need of assistance in this area.

io is a blockchain designed to revolutionise the global equity market. Chainium is interesting because it’s hugely disruptive. The global equity market has been unchanged for years and years and has typically been controlled by bankers and brokers. There are finance blockchain start-ups and there are blockchain start-ups that intend to use the technology for ‘good’ but it’s rare for a company to combine both.


Providing regulatory solutions for private equity managers, hedge funds and other financial institutions. As above, the UK’s financial institutions have faced a lot of backlash this year as it emerged that the UK is a hotbed for financial crime due to the complex and inconsistent nature of its regulatory system and the high costs associated with it. Guidance in this area is crucial for businesses who are not liquid enough in terms of time or cash to address these issues themselves.

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