Lifestyle start-ups harnessing the power of technology 

During our PHA Tech 2020 list so far, we have reviewed start-ups that we believe will disrupt both the fintech and business sectors. This week our attention turns to our third and final instalment, which focuses on lifestyle start-ups that are harnessing the power of technology.

As we move into the next decade, we’re consistently seeing consumers becoming more independent in their beliefs, choices and purchases. Whether it’s a belief in following a plant-based diet or choosing to embrace technology that makes life easier.

The final ten businesses to feature on our PHA Tech 2020 list all have one thing in common. They all have incorporated technology into their offering that is making it easier for consumers to use, stay healthy or make informed choices about their lifestyle.


Do you work for a growing business in the travel industry? Well, London based start-up Duffel could be the answer to your prayers. Duffel offers innovative tools for travel-focused businesses that makes booking a flight an effortless experience for their customers.

Duffel allows businesses to connect to more than 18 airlines in an instant through one universal programming interface.

Their track record impressively already includes working with the likes of British Airways, Qatar Airways and American Airlines all before their 3rd birthday.


Proudly flying the flag for women in technology. Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand committed to developing smarter technology that will improve the lives of women everywhere and at all stages of life.

The revolutionary Elvie pump means no tubes, no wires and more importantly women can pump on their own terms, whether that’s at home, work or on the go.

There’s even a free app that monitors milk volume in real-time and tracks pumping history for each breast.

Elvie is certainly a business to watch out for in 2020.


Delivering the world’s best independent retailer online. Launched in 2015, Trouva are here to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering beautiful objects for your home. Whether it’s a circular wooden wall shelf perfect for your books, or an item to help you dine in style, Trouva has it all.

So if you can’t get to the boutique of your dreams, Trouva brings you products from hundreds of the most stylish and unique boutiques all in one easily accessible place.

Be ready to kit out your home with lots of beautiful things for your home.

Orchard Therapeutics

The first of two health-focused start-ups included in this round-up, Orchard Therapeutics focuses on transforming the lives of patients with inherited diseases through innovative gene therapy.

Orchard uses decades of research and advancements in the field of gene therapy to develop potential cures for rare and often-fatal diseases.

Their bespoke approach is designed to use a person’s own blood stem cells and insert into those cells a working copy of the missing or faulty gene.

Orchard Therapeutics are aiming to permanently correct genetic disorders with a single treatment.


Welcome to the future of medicine and diagnosis. Healx is an Al-powered tech company that puts the patient first. Its core aim is to accelerate the discovery and development of rare disease treatments.

Principally Healx allows for drug discovery to happen faster, smarter and safer using public and proprietary biomedical data.

By 2025, Healx are hopeful that they can advance 100 rare disease treatments through the clinic.

Mind Candy

Founded in 2008, Mindy Candy has led the way of digital entertainment for over 10 years, their range of products aim to bring families (pets included) happier, healthier and bring more joy to homes all around the world.

For example, one of their most popular products is the Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app is a that helps kids fall asleep quickly and easily. Clearly, it’s a very popular choice as a staggering 40 million bedtime stories have been told since it’s inception.

For over the last decade their vision has always been to create worlds that fire the imagination.


Welcome to the home of online gaming. Since 2011, FACEIT has been the leading independent competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games.

The above might sound a rather bold statement, but FACEIT has the statistics to back it up. More than 13 million users consistently login into the platform on a monthly basis.

FACEIT’s unique offering allows players to easily play in tournaments and leagues for both virtual and real-world prizes through automated tournament management and matchmaking technology.


Imagine an online supermarket where every item they sell has been carefully curated and ethically sourced and that’s Farmdrop.

With a local supply chain in place, Farmdrop’s mission is to give more people access to fresh, sustainable, locally sourced produce, giving consumers an opportunity to choose a more sustainable lifestyle if they wish to.

With all meals prepared in 100% plastic-free packaging too, this really is the way forward for people who enjoy great quality and care about the planet.

After raising £10m in 2018 to expand their home delivery service to the North of England and being described by The Independent as “The beginning of the end for supermarkets”, watch out for Farmdrop making waves this year.

No wonder it was described by The Independent as “The beginning of the end for supermarkets”.


Another food-focused start-up to watch out for this year is award-winning plant positive food brand on a mission to build Earth’s most forward-thinking food company.

The allplants team led by food-lovers and serial entrepreneurs JP and Alex are determined to inspire the next billion plant-powered people, through the power of flavour and convenience.

Simply build your box of six meals online and allplants take care of the rest, most importantly you’re in control. Change, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

Make sure to follow them closely as they’ve already noted that their plans for 2020 are beyond bold, delicious and daring.


Similar to Mind Candy, Moonbug’s mission is to create shows that both kids and parents love equally.

Moonbug creates, produces and publishes thousands of minutes of video and audio content every month with each video designed to support a child’s development.

According to a LA Times report, one of the Moonbug’s videos has cracked YouTube’s Top 20 list of most popular videos in history, boasting an astonishing 2.1 billion views.

Examples of areas that the videos look to improve include vocabulary progress, counting skills and core skills like compassion, empathy and resilience to kids on a global scale.

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