Lendit Fintech Europe 2018

Every year Lendit Fintech Europe conferences raise the bar when it comes to innovation in technology and 2018 was no different. We saw companies exhibiting revolutionary payment services, digital banks and AI technology that will help to shape the next ten years. Here’s our look back at some of the best on show.


Meet the groundbreaking fintech business putting an end to employees’ financial stresses and woes once and for all. WageStream is here to enable employees to transfer money they have earned during the month instantly into their account at any time. Through the slick WageStream app, workforces can now see how much they have earned, down to the last hour. This might sound like a HR nightmare to stay on top of, but WageStream’s smart technology takes care of everything by sitting safely and securely between your company’s finance operations and your employees’ bank accounts, all without a setup fee. So, whether it’s paying off that two-week beach holiday or budgeting for your Christmas shopping, WageStream is here to help.


Currently one of the hottest fintech companies circulating Europe. Ukraine’s first digital bank provides a wealth of options including payment services and small loans to budding entrepreneurs and small businesses, all via an aesthetically pleasing app. Since its launch, last November, Monobank’s rise in Ukraine has been astronomical with the bank reporting an average of 3,000 daily customer sign-ups. It’s easy to see why so many Ukrainians have signed up to the service, with interest rates a lot lower thanks to it being a mobile app. Did you know that it’s against Ukrainian law to send credit cards in the post? Monobank did, that’s why it employs around 100 staff to personally courier a new credit card to your door.

Federman Capital

Tomer Federman, Founder and CEO of Federman Capital, was so absorbed by and convinced that blockchain technology is going to change the world, that it led him to quit his role driving Strategy and Global Growth at Facebook. Federman Capital is an investment firm that focuses on cryptocurrencies and assets to create a portfolio for its clients which help to generate excellent returns for investors.


The digital bank that is trying to help those who don’t bank, Pockit believes everyone has the right to modern financial services. Simply open a prepaid card account by answering a few online questions and making a one-off 99p donation, and your card should be with you in under 48 hours. The app has been made with simplicity and functionality in mind, streamlining the necessary processes. Pockit also boasts great cashback opportunities from a whole host of retailers, so there’s no limit to how often you’ll save.


During the last decade, Nexo has been able to proudly boast being the world’s first instant crypto-backed loans business, providing instant loans to millions of people across Europe. Users in need of a loan simply lock up their cryptocurrency and immediately receive fiat money to be spent either from a Nexo credit card or from their own personal bank account.

Lekta Al

Lekta uses AI to analyse conversations between businesses and their customers while helping them improve future dialogue with their customers. The technology has been successfully implemented into some of the largest enterprises in Europe, with the company believing that technology should adapt to the user, not the other way around. Lekta is ready to work over both voice and text channels including Facebook Messenger and in call centres.

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