Legal management software for remote working

The last decade has shown that cutting-edge innovation and technology solutions has been a welcomed addition to industries such as recruitment or banking.

Technology has permitted tasks and processes to become automated and allowed individuals to focus their attention on more pressing matters.

One industry which has been slower to embrace technological advances in the past has been the legal sector. Now remote working has become a necessity in recent times, the legal industry has had to quickly adapt and pivot their offering to suit an online model.

One pocket of legal technology which has been invaluable to law firms since the turn of the year is legal management platforms that help to time-track and monitor billable hours from a remote location.

Here we have listed five organisations who have made this transition smoother for firms across the UK.


Since the early ’80s, Denovo which is based in Glasgow has been effectively providing UK law firms with software business solutions that not only boost the bottom line, but also improve office efficiency whilst always remaining compliant with law rules and regulations.

Last year, Denovo decided to completely overhaul their software offering and embarked on an ambitious journey that saw them completely re-design their software.

As a result of this process, Denovo has developed a unique whole practice management software for UK based legal practices of all sizes.

Since the turn of the year and the challenges we have all faced, Denovo has used this time to develop more features and enhance their service offering.

From easy to use software to recording time spent on a piece of work, to a unique diary management system that has been specifically designed for court lawyers, Denovo should be high up on any law firms investment list.  


Specifically marketed at the needs of small to mid-sized law firms, LEAP is the world’s largest provider of legal practice management software for law firms.

LEAP provides everything you need to run a law firm remotely, from secure and effective productivity tools, to seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoom meaning you can invite colleagues to chat and work on matters and documents securely and effectively from multiple locations.

There are even some great time-saving tools such as scanning documents and evidence from your phone straight into the LEAP system. As well as shareable features and a dictation function that uses cutting-edge voice to text technology.

Osprey Approach

The Worcestershire based firm service over 800 clients with an excess of 8,000 individual users. Interestingly, Osprey Approach’s legal software is cloud-based, meaning that users can gain access to everything they need from anywhere and at any time.

One of the features that Osprey Approach offer is a customisable conveyancing live quote calculator and a state of the art, AI-backed chatbox that can help turn passing visitors on your website into paying clients.

Osprey Approach also offers an analysis and insight dashboard that helps provide valuable insight into the number of enquiries per month the law firm is receiving, and how many are converting into signed clients.

Perfect Portal

Established back in 2014, originally Perfect Portal was a budding concept which delivered immediate quotes to prospective clients, nowadays Perfect Portal has formed into a business management system that services almost 600 law firms with offices in both the UK and Australia.

Check out the quote functions in Perfect Portal which range from fully customizable quick quote calculators, allowing clients to obtain a personalised branded quote with high levels of detail.


Welcome to one of the most secure places on the cloud to store, sync and share files easily.

Like global messaging service Whatsapp, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption software which prevents data being read or secretly modified, only the intended user and who they decide to share the document or information with can read the files – ideal for an industry inundated with confidential documents.

Not even Tesorit themselves can access your files thanks to their zero-knowledge policy.

As an extra safety precaution against potential hackers, Tresorit doesn’t have access to your encryption keys or to the personal data you manage in your files, meaning if the servers were hacked your information and data would be safe.

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