Leading the charge at The Natural Food Show 2019

The trend towards organic, vegan and sustainable products is showing no signs of slowing, and the fight for businesses to stand out is fiercer than ever. As part of Natural & Organic Products Europe, which attracts over 10,000 attendees annually, this year’s Natural Food Show will host over 700 brands and suppliers, hundreds of new product launches from across the globe, and top industry figures will be giving inspiring keynotes and seminars.

We’ve highlighted some of the top food and drink trends soaring through 2019, and the brands we think are set to wow retailers at the food show with their new product development.


Raw or cold-processed ingredients (never heated above 42°C) generally means less energy is used during their preparation, and that instead of more traditional methods are used, for example, sun-drying. The theory behind the trend is that consuming uncooked foods boosts energy, aids in weight loss and prevents disease.

Raw Press (stand Q30)

Leading health and wellbeing brand of organic, raw cold-pressed juices, Raw Press, is launching its innovative healthy snack alternative, Pronuts. It is a raw, vegan, gluten-free protein snack bar that comes in a doughnut form, with a base of oats, cashews, dates and vegan hemp protein powder. Raw Press will also showcase a bean-to-bar chocolate icing in three flavours: Matcha, Chocolate and Rose.

The Raw Chocolate Company (stand S31)

The Raw Chocolate Company was set up in 2006 with a mission to make chocolate better. The company is promoting its organic, vegan chocolate bars, now in fully compostable and recyclable packaging. They’re also showcasing three new exciting additions to the range: Koffee Kapow, Mint Mania and Silky Coconut.


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is having a huge impact in the wellness industry, dominating headlines and product launches. From skin care products to bottled drinks, chocolates to supplement sprays, this hemp-derivative is becoming more and more popular, with experts and celebrities alike advocating its health benefits.

Almighty Foods (stand P9)

Almighty Foods will be showcasing their hand-crafted chocolate bars and nut butter that are traditionally stone-milled in Scotland and made with lab-tested, raw CBD extract. All their products are vegan and certified organic, and they pride themselves on their fully compostable plant-based packaging.

Minor Figures (stand R40)

Minor Figures is a UK based independent coffee company, focused on creating innovative products, from nitro cold brew coffee to oat m*lk and chai tea. Most recently, the company launched a CBD oil designed to restore and replenish the body following over-consumption of coffee. The entire Minor Figures range is dairy-free, vegan-friendly and contains no added sugar.

MatchaNOW (stand W3)

Beverage company MatchaNow has launched a new ready-to-drink tea combining matcha with CBD. Their innovative twist-and-shake cap stores the matcha and CBD oil to preserve their purity and potency until a simple twist releases both into the drink. Since launching in the UK in 2017 with its Original and Lightly Sweet flavours, MatchaNow’s range also includes Peppermint, Ginger & Turmeric, and now CBD. Their next move will be towards environmentally friendly packaging, by looking into compostable bottle materials.


Fermented drinks have been around for centuries, but the health-drink trend has only just started causing a stir in the UK. The probiotics and organic acids they contain have been said to have a positive effect on gut health, improving digestion, the immune system, and neurological health. Nowadays the market is booming with bacteria-packed drinks like kombucha, kefir, and kvass.

Captain Kombucha (stand R26)

Drinks brand Captain Kombucha will showcase its Oh My Gutness drink at the food show. This sparkling fruit drink fermented with water kefir grains is full of gut-friendly bacteria, antioxidants and enzymes, and is low in calories and dairy-free. It is available in six different flavours: Original, California Raspberry, Pineapple, Ginger & Lemon, Coconut, and Cayenne Pepper.

Bio-tiful Dairy (stand P6)

Kefir is a 2000-year-old cultured milk drink, made from milk and authentic live cultures. Bio-tiful Dairy is on a mission to bring gut health to the UK, and their range of kefir smoothies, milk, and yoghurts all contain billions of gut-friendly bacteria, vitamins and minerals. Their newest range, Kefir-Quark, is the world’s first combination of kefir and quark cultures and is available in Original and Cranberry flavours.

Karma Kombucha (by Biogroupe) (stand R20)

Organic, fair trade, fermented tea brand, Karma Kombucha is introducing Ginger Beer by Karma, an alcohol-free soft drink, with no added sweeteners and a genuine ginger taste, thanks to its natural fermentation. Also on show will be Biogroupe’s Karma Kefruit, which is packed with good bacteria and yeast, and produced by fermenting water and fruit with kefir grains.


The anti-plastic efforts of 2018 are only growing this year, with more and more businesses making commitments to reduce their plastic production, including supermarkets trialling plastic-free zones. Many brands are opting for paper packaging, recycled materials, or bioplastics.

Lovechock (stand M20)

Ethical chocolate brand Lovechock has been boasting plastic-free packaging since 2011, and what’s more, the company has recently pledged to reduce its packaging material by 20% in order to further shrink its environmental impact. The chocolatier produces raw cocoa that is processed as little as possible and has just launched its innovative CBD-infused ‘mini-tablet’, which contains 75% cacao and is sweetened with Arenga-palm sugar to give it a rich taste of toffee.

Conscious Chocolate (stand Z14)

Raw chocolate pioneer, Conscious Chocolate, has recently re-branded and will be showing off its new eco-packaging, which has a recyclable outer, printed with vegetable inks and a water varnish, plus an inner wrapper that is plant-based, as well as a home compostable film. The new packaging is intended to display the evocative nature of the wild, ethical, premium ingredients. All bars are vegan, organic, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free.

Tony’s Chocolonely (stand U10)

Tony’s Chocolonely has been fighting against slavery in the chocolate industry, aiming to show the world that chocolate can be made differently in the way we treat cocoa farmers. But while this is its primary focus, the Dutch company also places importance on climate change and the environment. As well as taking part in initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, Tony’s Chocolonely try to use locally produced raw materials in their packaging and use recycled materials where possible.

Cocofina (stand P7)

Award-winning British organic food producer Cocofina specialises in authentic coconut products, all free of plastic packaging. The products are innovative, vegan-friendly and certified organic by the Soil Association UK. Their stand at the food show will be displaying their newly certified Coconut Water, Organic Vegan Low GI Chocolate Spread and our Organic Coconut Water with High Strength Turmeric.

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