Kim Kardashian: The world’s most deadly influencer?

Kim Kardashian has been named the most dangerous celebrity on the internet according to McAfee, the cyber-security company, because when searching for the unofficial-queen-of-Instagram’s name, you are most at risk of accessing computer viruses.

Top 5 Most Virus-Filled Celebrities in the UK:

  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Naomi Campbell
  3. Kourtney Kardashian
  4. Adele
  5. Caroline Flack

Other mentions also went to Kem Cetinay and Ferne McCann; this list may seem random but cybercriminals use popular celebrities to trick consumers into clicking onto malicious sites in order to steal passwords and personal information.

If even the most sophisticated of criminals are interested in influencers, you should be too, but for non-incriminating reasons. Influencers are of course amazing for business and choosing the right one for your business is vital.

MarketingLand reported in 2017 that only 52% of global respondents trust businesses, which is why businesses need influencers to be the human-billboard but don’t be fooled into thinking that anyone with a large following on social media will do.

You are sure to have noticed that reality stars are gaining massive success, with the term celebrity expanding to refer to anyone who has appeared on our screens. Naturally, these stars use their platform to earn money from the most random collaborations, but consumers are much savvier than before. Love Island contestants advertising teeth whitening just doesn’t cut it anymore; people are craving authenticity which means your influencer needs to reflect your brand and generate content that is in-tune with your business ethos and relatable to your target customer.

Funds may be a concern for some smaller businesses when it comes to approaching an influencer, but they are an investment. Influencers do not need to have millions of followers to tune into a large audience either; micro-influencers can be just as useful. Medium have even reported that micro-influencers are 60% more effective than influencers with millions of followers because they are more relatable and give that authenticity and credibility that consumers are desperate for.

Here at PHA, we have set up an array of influencer partnerships for our clients, ensuring that their brand values crossover with that of the influencer, eradicating any doubts of authenticity or trust. Feel free to contact us to discuss how you can start taking advantage of influencers today.

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