Integrated PR and social media strategies in the construction industry

Last summer, still in the midst of a pandemic, the Prime Minister outlined his tactics to rebuild Britain and fuel economic recovery across the UK. As part of his proposed strategy, one key ingredient was to focus more efforts on the construction sector.

Included in this pledge was the building and construction of 40 new hospitals whilst £5billion capital investment was to be committed to infrastructure projects.

Fast-forward a year and the construction industry has found itself still reeling from the effects of both Brexit and the pandemic. The Independent reported earlier this year that the cost of building materials has risen by 20 per cent, whilst continued worker shortages, delayed deliveries and Brexit red tape procedures are all having an adverse effect on construction projects throughout the UK.

These challenges come at a time when the country is struggling to address the housing crisis. The lack of available housing has resulted in spiralling house prices, heightening the need for the construction sector to address one of the most pressing social issues the UK is facing at the moment.

When it comes to the media, the topics mentioned above have provided an ongoing national news cycle, that has taken centre stage since the UK left the EU. Which when combined with how vast and competitive the construction landscape is, has meant standing out amongst competitors and getting heard has become a challenging proposition.

The need for specialist public relations support within the construction sector has never been greater. A hard-working communications strategy will not only help your business grow in stature within the sector, but as your company brand develops, so will your ability to influence the opinions of potential new clients.

Some examples of opportunities that could be pitched out for a business aligned with the construction space include: an industry recognised award-win, highlighting employee wellbeing initiatives and the overall growth of the business.

A bespoke PR strategy can also help you communicate skilfully and eloquently with stakeholders, whose actions and opinions will have an impact on the overall success of your project or company.

Whilst an integrated campaign that blends a traditional public relations strategy with leveraging the personal profile of senior individuals at an organisation can lead to bringing positive benefits to both the individual and also the business’s reputation within the industry.

One popular strategy for activating this tactic is by maximising the impact that social networking platform, LinkedIn can provide.

Statistics suggest on the platform, engagements generated via a personal profile can often outstrip a business page, given the closer relationship and bond, individuals tend to have with their connections.

Long-form content articles are at the heart and can focus on an array of topics such as news commentary, industry analysis, product features and company milestones. By producing content around the topics suggested above, not only can they reap the engagement of often a huge audience pool, but such content can also be cross-promoted back across the business channels for added awareness.

This worked particularly well for leading fine-wine investment firm, Cult Wines, where we leveraged a range of senior figure profiles to create engaging insights that were subsequently used to reach potential new investor clients, as well as existing clients as a way of extending a personal service.

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